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Important Announcement!

Hello Filmmakers, Friends, and Film Goers,

First and foremost we wanted to reach out to everyone and thank you for your continued support of Moviate and the Moviate Underground Film Festival. This year will mark our 22nd annual festival and we are very much looking forward to it. That said, we are sure it will come as no surprise for you to hear that we will be postponing the film festival from our usual Memorial Day weekend dates until later in the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will also be postponing the notification date for filmmakers - as due to the current social distancing requirements we have not been able to meet in person to finalize selections. Please bear with us as we work to reschedule the festival at a better time for everyone. We will notify you as soon as a new date has been confirmed. We also hope to get back to our regular film programming at the Midtown Cinema as soon as possible and we will update this page when new events have been scheduled.

Please stay safe and stay healthy.

Son of White Mare (1981) 4K Restoration of This Hungarian Animated Feature

White Mare 1981DATE: Postponed Until Further Notice due to the health crisis! We have to wait for the NYC/LA screenings to be rescheduled

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

ADMISSION: $10 ($5 for cinema members)

"One of the great psychedelic masterpieces of world animation, Son of the White Mare is a swirling, color-mad maelstrom of mythic monsters and Scythian heroes, part-Nibelungenlied, part-Yellow Submarine, lit by jagged bolts of lightning and drenched in rivers of blue, red, gold and green. A massive cosmic oak stands at the gates of the Underworld, holding seventy-seven dragons in its roots; to combat these monsters, a dazzling white mare goddess gives birth to three heroes – Treeshaker and his brothers – who embark on an epic journey to save the universe. Directed by Hungarian animator Marcell Jankovics (famed for his 1974 Oscar-nominated short Sisyphus), Son of the White Mare has been restored in 4K using the original 35mm camera negative and sound elements by Arbelos in collaboration with the Hungarian Film Archive."

ONLINE LIVE STREAM of 15 short films. "Best Of" the 21st Moviate Underground Film Festival

Join us online as we Stream LIVE, with a stellar set of selected films from the 21st Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival.


Johnny Labelle music video
by Karissa Hahn/Andrew Kim, 3min, USA, 16mm

Nutrition Fugue
by Péter Lichter, 4min, Hungary, 35mm

Mototanaka Dérive
by Michael Lyons, 4min, Japan, Super 8

Fresh Green
by Ida Greenberg, 5min, USA, Digital

Winter's First Moons
by Kathleen Rugh, 3min, USA, 16mm

Story of the Dreaming Water - Chapter Two
by Brittany Gravely, 3min, USA, 16mm

Immunity Not Limitation
by Sara Kazemimanesh, 3min, Iran/USA, 16mm

Light Plays
by Anne-Marie Bouchard, 7min, Canada, 16mm

See Weeds
by Dawn George, 3min, Canada, Super 8/16mm

Prologue to the Tarot: Glenna
by Brittany Gravely/Ken Linehan, 7min, USA 16mm

A Collection of Attempts In Astral Travel
by Ryan Betschart/Rachel Nakawatase, 7min, USA, 16mm

Gone Sale
by Matt Meindl, 5min, USA, Super 8

Fun More
by Wally Chung, 1min, USA, Digital

by Ryan McGlade, 13min, USA, 16mm

Unless You're Living It
by Sarah Bliss, 9min, USA, 16mm

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual film festival has been postponed until the fall (most likely). The annual Harrisburg ARTSFEST has gone virtual for the 2020 installment, and asked us to be a part of it, as in the past. We though that this would be a great time to select some favorites from the over 60 films we showed last year. If you want to revisit some that you caught last year, or if you missed the festival, this will be a great time to see the amazing short films.

We look forward to a new festival in the hopefully near future.
Take care, and we hope to see you online this weekend.

LIVE STREAM! Best of 2019's 21st Annual Underground Film Festival!

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