Our film screenings highlight underground, avant-garde and independent cinema. When we can, we host the filmmaker for an introduction and post screening Q&A. We have shown thousands of films ranging from structural classics like Tony Conrad's "The Flicker" on 16mm, to music films such as Bjork's "Biophilia Live" and Sigur Ros' "Heima". We strive to bring classic films to be screened on 16mm but also new films by emerging independent filmmakers.


06.16.2011 8:00pm

a documentary film by Susan Marks and John Kurtis Dehn.

Of Dolls and Murder exposes an unimaginable world of miniatures homicides, with iconic filmmaker John Waters as narrator. Lurking in this gruesome collection of dollhouses thrives a criminal element that is all too real. Rather than reflecting an idealized version of domestic life, these surreal dollhouses reveal a dystopic and disturbing slice of domestic life. Created strictly for adults, these dioramas are home to violent murder, prostitution, mental illness, adultery and alcoholism. Each dollhouse has tiny doll corpse representing an actual murder victim. This feature-length documentary film explores these haunting “Nutshell Studies” dollhouses and the unlikely grandmother, Frances Glessner Lee, who created them to train detectives. But the story does not end with Lee and her dollhouses of death. The nation is obsessed with forensic justice television, and why? Why do we love to watch a skewed reality of crime-fighting forensics? The answer lies somewhere with the need we have to entertain ourselves with stories about our fear of untimely, brutal death. The societal truths about how loved ones often murder one another is far too wicked to face, let alone change. Instead, we prefer to escape into a safe haven where solving murders easily wraps up in under one hour. From criminally minded college students, and real-life detectives, to the creators of CSI and a visit to the “The Body Farm”, Of Dolls and Murder illuminates the tiny world of big time murder.

8PM, THURSDAY JUNE 16th, $5 donation, at moviate

"BACKYARD" concert film from ICELAND to mark the closing weekend of "Svo Langt En So Close" ART EXHIBIT!

06.11.2011 8:00pm



A DIY backyard concert turns into one of the most exciting and intimate music events of the year. With some of the most celebrated bands coming out of Reykjavík right now, including Múm, FM Belfast, Hjaltalín and Sin Fang Bous.

A guy named Árni Rúnar had the idea of gathering a few bands together in his backyard to do some live recording. His idea evolved into this film. He filled his little shack of a studio with equipment and prayed for good weather. He invited all of his neighbours and made them pizza, cupcakes and pancakes. And then many of the most exciting Icelandic musicians of their generation showed up to play, giving us a unique look at the diverse music scene of Reykjavík in the summer of 2009.

Director: Árni Sveinsson
Scriptwriter: Árni Sveinsson and Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson
Main cast: Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson and memers of Múm, Hjaltalín, FM Belfast, Retro Stefson, Sin Fang Bous, Borko and Reykjavík!

Country: Iceland
Sound: Stereo
Length: 70 minutes

8PM, $5 donation.

"HOT FUN IN THE 40s - A Journey To The Dark Side of Grindhouse" presented by JACK STEVENSON IN-PERSON (From DENMARK!)

06.08.2011 8:00pm

JACK STEVENSON (from Denmark) returns with a great program of rare 16mm Burlesque films!


Film book author & raconteur Jack Stevenson draws on nuggets from his personal archive in this entertaining trip back to the heyday of Sexploitation cinema. Focusing on the art of Burlesque and other B-movie related sub-genres, we witness famous stars such as Jayne Mansfield, Betty Page and Tracy LaMarr rub elbows and other body parts with more obscure starlets in a celebration of all that was by turns lavish and lurid, tantalizing & tawdry. You’ll feel so dirty all over.

Old silent illustrated title-plate outtakes
Birth of the Nudies sequences
"How to Undress in Front of Your Husband", short trailer
"Fighting the White Slave trade", short trailer
"Sweet Hawaiian Dreams", soundie
"The Man Who Comes Around", soundie
"Untitled Hawaiian" soundie
"Babaloo" (soundie)
"CURVACEOUS CUTIES OF BURLESQUE" (a 10 min. Excelsior short)
"THE NUDE LOOK" book & photo intermission pitch
"I Changed My sex" production trailer 9 min. (aka Glenn or Glenda)
"Striporama", trailer
3 Acts of Glamour Girls of Burlesque

8PM, $5 donation (benefits visiting artist)


ashes of american flagsDate:
06.04.2011 8:00pm


Moviate - 1306 N. 3rd St. - Harrisburg, PA

Starts Promptly at 8pm
...Admission: $5

Ashes of American Flags is an award-winning film presenting Wilco live in concert during their 2008 tour. Culled from concerts in five quintessentially American venues – Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Tipitina’s in New Orleans, The Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. – the film captures the energy, poignancy and musicality of a Wilco concert and tour. Directed and produced by Brendan Canty and Christoph Green (Sunken Treasure, Burn to Shine), the film intersperses interviews with band members and day-in-the-life footage as the band travels across the U.S.

Shot in HD. Running time 1 hour 27 minutes. Released in 2009. Free audio download of all tracks with purchase of DVD.

Film tracklisting: Ashes of American Flags / Side with the Seeds / Handshake Drugs / The Late Greats / Kingpin / Wishful Thinking / Impossible Germany / Via Chicago / Shot in the Arm / Monday / You Are My Face / Heavy Metal Drummer / War on War

“The movie, shot during five 2008 shows, is gorgeous: filled with rich colors, breathtaking closeups of the band members at work and impeccable sound.” – Creative Loafing

“The performances are the focus, and as anyone who’s seen Wilco recently, they’ve never been hotter.” – Rolling Stone’s Smoking Section



Capital Area School for the Arts FILM AND VIDEO SHOWCASE!

05.21.2011 8:00pm

Come see current film and video pieces by student who attend the Capital Area School for the Arts!

Films that were hand-made on 16mm and 35mm film and video pieces created during the second half of the 2010-2011 school year will be projected, highlighting the creativity of the CASA film and video students.

$5 donation will benefit the Capital Area School for the Arts, the Harrisburg area's Arts Magnet High School, which offers 2 hour a day/ 5 days a week, full year, intensive classes in Dance, Music, Art, Theater, and Film and Video.

Visit: www.casa-arts.org or www.vimeo.com/casa for more information and examples of student work.

8pm. all-ages

LEVI ABRINO, filmmaker IN-PERSON (editor of Academy Award winning film "GOD OF LOVE")

05.19.2011 8:00pm

Filmmaker Levi Abrino will present a collection of his own films and films by his collaborators including recent Academy Award winner Luke Metheny.

Filmmaker Information

Levi Abrino was raised with four adopted siblings on a dairy farm in rural Central Pennsylvania. Leaving the farm for Penn State University, he earned degrees in Geography and Filmmaking, which he used to land a job on the teller line at a rural bank. Here, his duties included cashing checks, taking deposits, and playing the crook in Friday-morning bank robbery drills. Levi is currently an MFA candidate at New York University, where he is developing a feature film. His previous shorts BURYING DVORAK and I RAN WITH A GRAY GHOST have received such honors as being selected for the Best of Slamdance DVD, screening as part of the opening ceremony at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France, and having a weeklong theatrical run at the IFC Center in New York.

8pm, $5 donation

more information to be announced soon.


05.14.2011 8:00pm

moviate presents "I AM SECRETLY AN IMPORTANT MAN" a documentary about Steven Jesse Bernstein by PETER SILLEN (director of "BENJAMIN SMOKE")

SATURDAY MAY 14th, 2011, 8PM, $5 donation.

I Am Secretly An Important Man is a feature length documentary film portrait of Steven J. Bernstein (aka Jesse Bernstein), one of Seattle's most celebrated voices. His angry, surprisingly fresh, lyrical writings are about sensitive souls, drifters and drug addicts; people alienated by a society that refuses to understand them. He peeled back the ugliness and the darkness of life on the fringe to expose tender and not so tender human feeling. His unique rhythms, filled with humor and pain, were especially exciting when read in his own gravely voice. People packed into theaters, bars and cafes to hear him read and sing. Unfortunately much of Jesse's work has not yet found the audience it deserves outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Over the years because of my face and my unfortunate attitude towards it,
I have had to be institutionalized several times.
I became a drug addict, alcoholic, and criminal.
When I comb my hair, I wear a blank paper mask with eye holes.
I shave with an electric razor and no mirror like a blind man.
You have seen more of me already than I will ever see of myself.
I hope you aren't as alarmed or offended by my face as I am.
"Look in the mirror, Stevie! See? There's Stevie."
I stand there sometimes in secret, looking.
There will always be something wrong with my face

-from Face by Steven J. Bernstein

87 minutes
16mm, Color/B&W


MARTHA COLBURN: animator IN-PERSON (From NY), meet Martha and see her animated films!

05.10.2011 12:20am

ANIMATOR MARTHA COLBURN will present a series of animated films, created on 16mm film. Her collaborations with Jad Fair of Half Japanese and Deerhoof have brought her animations to the underground music crowd, while her animations alone have been shown at The Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, All Tomorrows Parties, and many other esteemed venues.

her website: http://www.marthacolburn.com/

arcticle in Art In America: http://www.artinamericamagazine.com/features/martha-colburn/

at Sundance 2011: http://sundance.slated.com/2011/films/triumphofthewild_sundance2011

in artnews: http://artnews.org/gallery.php?i=3939&exi=13007&Suzie_Q_Projects&Martha_Colburn

8PM, TUESDAY MAY 10th, $5 donation (goes to visiting filmmaker)

at moviate, all ages.


Peoples Park5Date:
04.21.2011 8:00pm

THURSDAY APRIL 21st, 2011. 8PM, $5 donation.

circulated Jack Stevenson


In May of 1969 – 42 years ago – People’s Park in Berkeley erupted into deadly protest, bringing into focus issues such as the concept of private property, civil disobedience and police brutality. We mark this anniversary by presenting the film PEOPLE’S PARK and three other short films that more broadly reflect the spirit of protest and alienation that marked the decade – many of these same issues still relevant today.

Although not all the films are from that pivotal year of 1969, they all reflect on it, shining a light on various aspects of this ‘decade of disillusion’ in a broader sense. From the brooding working-class existentialism of Assembly Line to the hyper-patriotism of a society in deep conflict with itself in America’s in Real Trouble … from the bloody riots of People’s Park to the social and political (and pop-culture) turmoil captured in the impressionistic Love it / Leave it, they impart a feel for the attitudes and ambiguities of the times and form a telling portrait of a disenchanted generation, a generation that 40 years ago was on the brink of exploding into pieces…

This program has played at: The national film museums in Frankfurt, Lisbon and Copenhagen as well as the International House in Philadelphia, The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington Long Island, The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, etc.

Total Running time: 85 minutes

ASSEMBLY LINE: 1961, 30 min., b/w, written & directed by Morton Hellig. This intimate and starkly photographed narrative tells the tale of factory worker Eddie Ryan who throws himself into the neon glitz of downtown Philadelphia on his night off, thinking a wallet full of cash will buy him excitement, companionship and meaning in life. To his distress he finds all the invitations and come-ons to a good time are a con and a fraud – he can spend his money but it buys him nothing, and he manages to connect with no one. An early protest against the emptiness of consumer culture.

AMERICA’S IN REAL TROUBLE: 1968, 15 min., color, by Tom Palazzolo. This free-wheeling reportage from the street captures all the disconcerting contrasts of patriotic Vietnam-era parades as they move in lock-step through the poverty-ridden ghetto of Chicago’s Near Northside. The soundtrack is exclusively composed of music that was heard over the radio that very same moment in time, mostly hillbilly songs that celebrate the arch-conservative virtues of God and Country. The result is an unmediated ‘snapshot of the moment’ that almost resembles a home movie in its naive pacing and composition, but it is precisely this casual and spontaneous approach that manages to capture the mood and mentality of the day more effectively that all the staged Hollywood spectacles. But it’s not necessarily an angry film.

PEOPLE’S PARK: 1969, 25 min., b/w, made by the San Francisco Newsreel group collective. This is necessarily an angry film - a fiercely and unapologetically partisan version of the People’s Park riots of May 1969. It captures not only the famous incident – the street battles between the people of Berkeley intent on defending a park they had created and the police and national guard acting on behalf of the property owners – but also a radical style of filmmaking that sought to shed light on aspects of the story ignored by the major media outlets. This is “protest cinema” at its most incendiary.

LOVE IT / LEAVE IT: 1970, 15 min., color. This second film by Tom Palazzolo more fluidly and subjectively weaves sound and image together to create an hallucinatory montage of urban America at the height of anti-war demonstrations. Equal parts totalitarian nightmare and candy-coated consumer fun fair, it is like most of his work: light on overt editorial comment and full of a keen sense of bizarre moments. It’s a foot-loose search to capture the spirit of the times and people without imposing the filmmaker’s own political agenda.

MOVIATE'S 14TH ANNIVERSARY FUNDRAISER films/music/reception! Saturday the 16th

04.16.2011 6:00pm



6pm Reception with music by WEIRD MEDLEY, plus light food and beverages and audio/video DJ/VJ by DJ Can and VJ MKR.

8PM MOVIATE films screening with short films by Michael Robinson, Tara Chickey, Caleb Smith, James Hollenbaugh, and more!

$10 donation includes reception and 8PM film screening.

Come celebrate 14 years of independent, avant-garde, underground, and personal filmmaking in Harrisburg.

All donations go directly to visiting filmmakers, rental fees, and the 13th annual Artsfest Film Festival (a FREE to the public film festival in May 2011)

filmmaker STEVE COSSMAN in-person, founder of Mono No Aware

tusslemuscle still 2Date:
04.13.2011 8:00pm

moviate welcomes filmmaker STEVE COSSMAN, in-person. Come meet Steve and see his films as well as other films he has curated for this screening.
As a founder of the expanded cinema series MONO NO AWARE, Steve has created a new venue in New York for underground, avant-garde, and personal filmmaking.

A link to his website: http://www.stevecossman.com/TM

Interview with Steve from the AnnArbor Film Festival:


a link to MONO NO AWARE: http://www.mononoawarefilm.com/

8pm, $5 donation (supports the visiting artist)

at moviate, 1306 n. 3rd st. harrisburg

Pier Pasolini's "The Gospel According to St. Matthew" on 16mm film!

gospel matthewDate:
04.07.2011 8:00pm

"THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. MATTHEW" by PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, on 16mm film. 8pm, $5 donation. Pier Paolo Pasolini was an atheist, indeed a Marxist, and his The Gospel According to Matthew is routinely interpreted as a proto-Marxist allegory. Yet Pasolini was perhaps first of all a poet, and the concepts of the sacred and the divine, far from repelling him as so much religious superstition, held for him a powerful appeal. In 1962 he came to Assisi in response to Pope John XXIII’s call for dialogue with non-Christian artists. While there, he read through a book of the Gospels "from beginning to end, like a novel," later proclaiming the story of Jesus "the most exalting thing one can read." As a result of this experience, Pasolini became consumed with the notion of filming the life of Christ straight from one of the Gospels, shooting without a screenplay and taking no editorial license with the text. After completing The Gospel According to Matthew, he dedicated it "to the dear happy familiar memory of John XXIII."

CINATURA FILM FESTIVAL: MARCH 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2011 at the NED SMITH CENTER

cinatura posterDate:
03.25.2011 6:30pm
Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS as of February 23, 2011
*schedule subject to change

Friday, March 25 - Admission $10 (6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.)

6:30 p.m. Opening Remarks
6:35 p.m. "Moth Light" (1963, 4 min)
Directed by Stan Brakhage
A "found foliage" film compsed of insects, leaves and other detritus sandwiched between two
strips of perforated tape
"Fog Line" (1970, 11 min) - Directed by Larry Gottheim
"Kiri (Fog)" (1970, 5 min) - Directed by Takahiko Iimura
"Brazil Postcard" (4 min) - Directed by Neil Ira Needleman
7:10 p.m. BREAK
7:30 p.m. CINATURA Buried Film Screening with Live Score by The Living Screen

Saturday, March 26 - Admission $10 (12 p.m. - 10 p.m.)

12 p.m. "Star Garden" (1974, 22 min) - Directed by Stan Brakhage
"Back to Nature" (1976, 20 min) - Directed by George Kuchar
"Geologic Time" (1989, 6 min) - Directed by Skip Battaglia
"Cry of the Marsh" (1967, 12 min) - Directed by Robert Hartkopf
"Himalayan Footage" - Directed by Mike Kuchar
"The Man Who Planted Trees" (1988, 30 min)
Directed by Frederic Back
The story of one shepherd's long and successful effort to reforest a desolate valley.
Winner of the 1988 Academy AwardTM for Best Animated Short Film, as well as several
other prestigious awards
2 p.m. Nature Hike
3 p.m. "Koyannisqatsi: Life Out of Balance" (1982, 86 min)
Directed by Godfrey Reggio, Music by Philip Glass
A "visual concert" of images set to the music of Philip Gllass
Visit some of Millersburg's fine dining establishments!
7:30 p.m. "Dreamland" (2009, 89 min)
Leading up to the country's greatest economic crisis, the government of Iceland started the
largest mega-project in its history: the construction of the biggest dam in Europe to provide
Alcoa cheap electricity for an aluminum smelter in the country's iconic, rugged fjords

Sunday, March 27 - Family Day! Admission $10 (12 p.m. - 5 p.m.)

12 p.m. Family Activity: Make Your Own Solar Prints!
2 p.m. "Dot and the Kangaroo" (1977, 71 min)
Directed by Yoram Gross
A little girl named Dot is lost in the Australian bush, and she befriends a kangaroo who,
with the help of the other animals, help her find her way home

Friday Evening $10
Saturday Pass $10
Sunday Pass $10
Full Festival Pass $20

Cinatura Film Festival FACEBOOK

"IMAGES" by ROBERT ALTMAN on 16mm film, plus a RARE Robert Altman directed SCOPITONE FILM on 16mm

03.16.2011 8:00pm

IMAGES (1972) -

Screening on 16mm w/ a rarely seen
Robert Altman Scopitone!!!

A Film by Robert Altman
TRAILER: http://www.mymovies.it/trailer/?id=11629
...Screening at Moviate - 1306 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg
Wednesday - March 16th, 2011
Starts Promptly at 8pm
Admission is $5

Images is a 1972 English-language psychological thriller film directed by Robert Altman.

Wealthy housewife and children's author Cathryn (Susannah York) receives a series of disturbing and eerie phone calls in her home in London one dreary night. The female voice on the other end suggests mockingly to her that her husband Hugh (Rene Auberjonois) is having an affair.

Cathryn's husband comes home, finding her in complete disarray. Hugh attempts to comfort her, but then he is gone, and she sees a different man who is behaving as if he were her husband. She screams in horror and backs away, only to see her vision of the figure revert back to her husband.

Hugh attributes her outburst to stress and her budding pregnancy. He decides to take a vacation to the countryside at an isolated cottage. But as she dwells there, Cathryn delves into darker delusions as the stranger returns, and she finds it difficult to determine what is reality and what is in her mind.


* Susannah York as Cathryn
* Rene Auberjonois as Hugh
* Marcel Bozzuffi as Rene
* Hugh Millais as Marcel
* Cathryn Harrison as Susannah


* 1972 New York Film Critics Circle
o Nominated - Best Actress (Susannah York)
* 1972 Cannes Film Festival
* Won - Best Actress (Susannah York)[1]
* Nominated - Golden Palm (Robert Altman)
* 44th Academy Awards
o Nominated - Best Music, Original Dramatic Score (John Williams)
* 26th British Academy Film Awards
o Nominated - Best Cinematography (Vilmos Zsigmond)
* 30th Golden Globe Awards
o Nominated - Best English-Language Foreign Film
* Writers Guild of America Awards 1972
o Nominated - Best Drama Written Directly for the Screen (Robert Altman)

The Films of ROBOT HAND, filmmaker Brian Lonano IN-PERSON.

01.22.2011 8:00pm

Join Moviate on Saturday, January 22nd as we travel beyond the outer reaches of short film into the fantastic cinematic world created by ROBOT HAND. ROBOT HAND is a Sci-Fi Underground Film movement founded by Brian Lonano, Kevin Lonano, Erin L. Horsey, Gary Powell and Jeff Jenkins. They are best known for the giant killer robot short film series "ATTACKAZOIDS!", which has won several awards and international acclaim from film festivals all over the world. Collectively the filmmakers have been influenced by Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Ray Bradbury, and Ed Wood.

The films of ROBOT HAND have been Artsfest Film Festival favorites in the past, and we are delighted to finally bring Director Brian Lonano and his team of fellow filmmakers to Moviate. Two of the films presented in the program will be premieres that have not screened previously in any other festival or program. Following the films, Brian and his team will share insight on the use of practical effects over CGI, the importance of the short film format for aspiring filmmakers, navigating the film festival circuit, and micro-budget filmmaking.

The work of ROBOT HAND is entirely self-produced and is an amazing DIY effort for film fans of the Sci-Fi genre and fellow filmmakers alike. Please join us in supporting the true spirit of independent cinema by discovering the unique and inventive vision created by ROBOT HAND!


Spooky Movie 2010 bumper - 1:00 - Ghosts vs. aliens on Super 8 Film!

Brobot - 30:00 - (thesis film) 30:00/ 2005 - A scientist creates a robot to replace his angst ridden daughter.

Casket Climber Insect God - 2:38 - (music video) 2:38 / 2006 -Teeth Man spends time around his casket with a monstrous insect and other horrid creatures before transforming into one himself.

Electrical Skeletal - 6:00 - (music video) 6:00 / 2007 - Horrific and hilarious events occur one night in a deserted graveyard.

ATTACKAZOIDS! (short film) 7:07 / 2008 - A woman struggles for survival in a ghostly world besieged by giant killer robots.

ATTACKAZOIDS, DEPLOY!! (short film) 4:16 / 2009 - War is declared on the off world settlement and everyone on earth unites to deploy an army of giant robots.

8bit Ghost Hop (short music video) 1:24 / 2010 - A mysterious signal from the moon summons strange ghosts.

Martian Precursor (short film) 1:00 / 2010 - A homeless man is tormented by transmissions from the Planet Mars.

Spooky Movie Telelvision (opening credit sequence) :57 / 2010 - Ghosts vs. aliens in High Definition!

CARNY (short student film directed by Kevin Lonano) - 10ish minutes / 2010 - The Psycho-Fugue Circus executes one of their own for murdering the Headline act. *PREMIERE

Bacchus Attack Us! - Runtime TBD - film festival bumper for Boston Underground Film Festival. *PREMIERE

Notable screenings of ROBOT HAND films:

Anthology Film Archives NYC, American Film Institute (Silver Spring, MD), Cannes Short Film Corner, Hollywood Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, NYC Horror Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival (Part of the NYC Avant Garde Series), Coney Island Film Festival, Artsfest Film Festival, Dragon*Con Short Film Festival, Vimeo Festival (out of competition), Tromadance, IFC TV.

Awards and Accolades: Finalist USA Film Festival (Academy Qualified), Best Experimental (Action On Film Festival), Best Sci-Fi Short (Atlanta Underground Film Festival & Terror Film Festival).


Secret Happy ColorDate:
02.12.2011 10:00pm

A Documentary About The DRIVE BY TRUCKERS:

TICKETS ON SALE: http://moviate.ticketleap.com/drivebytruckers/

One lucky attendee at the screening will win a copy of the film poster SIGNED by all the band members. This is a limited-run 12 x 18 poster designed by Wes Freed, the Richmond, VA-based artist who has designed numerous DBT album covers and tour posters and who is featured in the film.

THE SECRET TO A HAPPY ENDING documents the Drive-By Truckers and their congregation of fans as they explore tales of human weakness and redemption. Filmmaker Barr Weissman followed the band during three critical years of touring and recording -- years in which the band struggles to overcome the trauma of divorce and survives a near breakup. The film features band interviews, behind-the-scenes footage on the road and in the studio, and legendary live performances. Reflective of the band's roots in Alabama and Georgia, the film explores the changing American South -- its culture, economy and history. (101 minutes, 2010)

“Universal themes such as teenage alienation and the liberating power of music emerge, allowing the film to appeal beyond current fans to a wider swath of music and movie lovers.”
– Mike Snider, USA Today

"The film captures the singular blend of grit, sensitivity, stamina and acute songwriting that have led admirers to compare them to Neil Young, William Faulkner, the Replacements and Robert Penn Warren."
– Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post




Saturday February 12th
Starts Promptly at 8pm
Admission $5
Seating is Very Limited

24th Annual Underground Film Festival - May 19th - 21st, 2023

2023 Virtual Film Festival Schedule of Events PDF

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