image 6487327 1DATE: Sunday, October 15th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $15

Join us in Harrisburg for some Halloween fun at this rare opportunity to see a program of spooky short movies presented live and in person by David "The Rock" Nelson! Followed by a Q&A!

David will be showing his short films Pumpkinman 1-4 and filmmaker Brewce Longo will be showing his recently completed Pumpkinman origin film PUMPKINMAN LIVES (shot in Pennsylvania!!)

The Pumpkinman Saga - by David Rock Nelson
A pumpkin headed monster appears outside of an ordinary suburban home terrorizing it’s inhabitants. David and his brother must battle the Pumpkinman using their experience as a seasoned marine and wrestler to defeat him. The monster keeps coming back in sequels and we see more of The Rock’s battles. We also see him take a nap with the fighting wears him out. We see him eating food. We see him dedicate his fight to a long list of his friends and favorite filmmakers.

Pumpkinman Lives - by Brewce Longo
She died but Pumpkinman Lives!
The terrible take of how Pumpkinman came to be, the little girl who believed in him, and the 65 year old boxer next door who saved the day.

David “The Rock” Nelson is one of the most eccentric creatives alive dubbed as “The Ed Wood of the 21st Century” by Mike Flores, the president of the Psychotronic Film Society, and “The World’s Most Hyperactive Horror Director” by Vice & Bleedingskull’s Zach Carlson. Nelson’s unique style of directing is a mind melting mix of cheap monster costumes, hiring his neighbors and family members to act (willingly or otherwise) unsuspecting celebrities at horror conventions, The Rock eating food, and talking to himself as he sometimes plays up to 5 different characters per movie.

Brewce Longo is a writer/director of shot-on-video horror films and music videos, and a claymation animator. His movies are vintage stylized emulating the 1990s direct to VHS era movies, often featuring underground heavy metal and punk music, DIY special effects, and bizarre stories partially based on true crime. Pumpkinman Lives is his first attempt at a PG rated movie.

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