TedKnightonDATE: Sunday 8/27/17 @ 7pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission = $5

Twisted Cinema In The Tradition of Dali and Bunuel

Come join us for a very special screening of the films of Ted Knighton at The Midtown Cinema. Introduction and Q&A with Ted Knighton. Lots of fun and a rare opportunity to see Ted present his work in our community.

The most acclaimed and shocking films ever to emerge from the Philadelphia underground! Award-winning creative artist and filmmaker Ted Knighton has produced a series of extremely disturbing short films that transform the commonplace into indelible images of horror. Knighton's productions have shaken up underground filmmaking in Philadelphia for over 30 years.

"I think it's good to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We get used to the world around us and it's easy to stop seeing how amazing, strange and fascinating it all is. Through art and film, I like to move the furniture of life around a little bit so that we see the room again."