01.22.2011 8:00pm

Join Moviate on Saturday, January 22nd as we travel beyond the outer reaches of short film into the fantastic cinematic world created by ROBOT HAND. ROBOT HAND is a Sci-Fi Underground Film movement founded by Brian Lonano, Kevin Lonano, Erin L. Horsey, Gary Powell and Jeff Jenkins. They are best known for the giant killer robot short film series "ATTACKAZOIDS!", which has won several awards and international acclaim from film festivals all over the world. Collectively the filmmakers have been influenced by Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Ray Bradbury, and Ed Wood.

The films of ROBOT HAND have been Artsfest Film Festival favorites in the past, and we are delighted to finally bring Director Brian Lonano and his team of fellow filmmakers to Moviate. Two of the films presented in the program will be premieres that have not screened previously in any other festival or program. Following the films, Brian and his team will share insight on the use of practical effects over CGI, the importance of the short film format for aspiring filmmakers, navigating the film festival circuit, and micro-budget filmmaking.

The work of ROBOT HAND is entirely self-produced and is an amazing DIY effort for film fans of the Sci-Fi genre and fellow filmmakers alike. Please join us in supporting the true spirit of independent cinema by discovering the unique and inventive vision created by ROBOT HAND!


Spooky Movie 2010 bumper - 1:00 - Ghosts vs. aliens on Super 8 Film!

Brobot - 30:00 - (thesis film) 30:00/ 2005 - A scientist creates a robot to replace his angst ridden daughter.

Casket Climber Insect God - 2:38 - (music video) 2:38 / 2006 -Teeth Man spends time around his casket with a monstrous insect and other horrid creatures before transforming into one himself.

Electrical Skeletal - 6:00 - (music video) 6:00 / 2007 - Horrific and hilarious events occur one night in a deserted graveyard.

ATTACKAZOIDS! (short film) 7:07 / 2008 - A woman struggles for survival in a ghostly world besieged by giant killer robots.

ATTACKAZOIDS, DEPLOY!! (short film) 4:16 / 2009 - War is declared on the off world settlement and everyone on earth unites to deploy an army of giant robots.

8bit Ghost Hop (short music video) 1:24 / 2010 - A mysterious signal from the moon summons strange ghosts.

Martian Precursor (short film) 1:00 / 2010 - A homeless man is tormented by transmissions from the Planet Mars.

Spooky Movie Telelvision (opening credit sequence) :57 / 2010 - Ghosts vs. aliens in High Definition!

CARNY (short student film directed by Kevin Lonano) - 10ish minutes / 2010 - The Psycho-Fugue Circus executes one of their own for murdering the Headline act. *PREMIERE

Bacchus Attack Us! - Runtime TBD - film festival bumper for Boston Underground Film Festival. *PREMIERE

Notable screenings of ROBOT HAND films:

Anthology Film Archives NYC, American Film Institute (Silver Spring, MD), Cannes Short Film Corner, Hollywood Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, NYC Horror Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival (Part of the NYC Avant Garde Series), Coney Island Film Festival, Artsfest Film Festival, Dragon*Con Short Film Festival, Vimeo Festival (out of competition), Tromadance, IFC TV.

Awards and Accolades: Finalist USA Film Festival (Academy Qualified), Best Experimental (Action On Film Festival), Best Sci-Fi Short (Atlanta Underground Film Festival & Terror Film Festival).

"Moviate is a volunteer operated, not for profit organization, dedicated to bringing independent, underground, and avant-garde Cinema and Sound events to the Harrisburg, PA area."

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