06.16.2011 8:00pm

a documentary film by Susan Marks and John Kurtis Dehn.

Of Dolls and Murder exposes an unimaginable world of miniatures homicides, with iconic filmmaker John Waters as narrator. Lurking in this gruesome collection of dollhouses thrives a criminal element that is all too real. Rather than reflecting an idealized version of domestic life, these surreal dollhouses reveal a dystopic and disturbing slice of domestic life. Created strictly for adults, these dioramas are home to violent murder, prostitution, mental illness, adultery and alcoholism. Each dollhouse has tiny doll corpse representing an actual murder victim. This feature-length documentary film explores these haunting “Nutshell Studies” dollhouses and the unlikely grandmother, Frances Glessner Lee, who created them to train detectives. But the story does not end with Lee and her dollhouses of death. The nation is obsessed with forensic justice television, and why? Why do we love to watch a skewed reality of crime-fighting forensics? The answer lies somewhere with the need we have to entertain ourselves with stories about our fear of untimely, brutal death. The societal truths about how loved ones often murder one another is far too wicked to face, let alone change. Instead, we prefer to escape into a safe haven where solving murders easily wraps up in under one hour. From criminally minded college students, and real-life detectives, to the creators of CSI and a visit to the “The Body Farm”, Of Dolls and Murder illuminates the tiny world of big time murder.

8PM, THURSDAY JUNE 16th, $5 donation, at moviate