08.20.2011 11:00am

A Moviate Film Camp for kids ages 12-18 who want to learn how to use a real movie film camera and edit their own film.

Saturday August 20th: Learn the Camera, Shoot Super-8 movie film around the area (Susquehanna River, Broad St. Market, etc.), to document the community.

Sunday August 21st: Finish Super-8 and start making a HAND-MADE 16mm FILM with Paint, Markers, Tape, Found Footage, and other fun tools!

Saturday August 27th: Finish the 16mm Handmade Film, Watch the Super-8 film (now back from the lab), and start editing the Super-8 film using Super-8 viewers and tape splicers.

Sunday August 28th: Finish Editing and preview/transfer to digital video. FAMILY/FRIENDS WORLD PREMIERE AT 7PM SUNDAY NIGHT!

cost: to be determined.

registration: ONLY 5 students available for the film camp at this time, register early!