02.09.2012 8:00pm


Amazing program of short documentaries curated for this screening only:

SMUT CAPITAL OF AMERICA (Michael Stabile, 2011)- 17 minutes
-In the late 1960s, as the Sexual Revolution was first gaining steam, San
Francisco was pushing the boundaries of what could be filmed and quickly
became, according to the NY Times, 'The Smut Capital of the United
States.' From shabby storefront theaters and live sex shows to the Erotic
Film Festival, the City became ground zero in the fight over obscenity, as
both local politicians and Federal law enforcement went to war with
filmmakers and free-speech advocates. 'Smut Capital' talks to the theater
owners, film producers and stars in an attempt to recreate a revolution
that wasn't televised, but screened. Featuring John Waters. Premiered at
The Tribeca Film Festival

A short documentary about the Pennhurst State School & Hospital located
outside of Philadelphia, PA. Hidden in a remote river bend in Pennsylvania, 10,500 people were forced to call this place 'home'. Now neglected, decaying and hidden beneath decades of over-growth, one of America's most dramatic civil rights stories awaits discovery. A Call of Conscience: Pennhurst State School and Hospital uncovers the untold story of the birth place of the Civil Rights Movement of the Intellectually Disabled. Supported by their families and community, this group of residents united and overcame the label of 'retarded' to lead and win one of the greatest civil victories for the disabled in U.S History. The result of their struggle not only won their freedom but positively transformed the social landscape of America forever!

THE DEBRIS (SMALL SLIVERS OF CELLULOID) (Jeremy Moss, 2012) - 7 minutes
An experimental documentary exploring the Southern Utah desert and human remnants thereon; ideology intersects image and site. Shards from a Utah Mormon's mind.

DRUGS (Renny McCauley, 2008)- 16 minutes
Four addicts give candid testimonials offering insights into the
complicated nature of drug abuse.
Played at: Durango Independent Film Festival, San Francisco Independent
Film Festival, San Francisco Shorts Film Festival & Rumschpringe Film

ONE IN TEN ( Susan Hilvert, 2008) - 23 minutes
A personal documentary about a filmmaker coming out of the closet.

I KNOW YOU (Bruce Parsons, 2007) - 18 minutes
A personal documentary revealing how the search for a new relationship can actually reveal the foundation of an old one. Filmmaker Bruce Parsons,
along with his father, search his hometown to try and meet his grandfather
for the first time.

8PM, $5 suggested donation. at moviate, 1306 n. 3rd st, harrisburg, pa.

"Moviate is a volunteer operated, not for profit organization, dedicated to bringing independent, underground, and avant-garde Cinema and Sound events to the Harrisburg, PA area."

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