02.21.2013 8:00pm

A VERY RARE screening of a 16mm film print

of the 1963 Claude Chabrol film

"The most shocking scandal Paris ever saw..."

synopsis: Whilst World War I occupies the attention of the French nation, Henri Landru (Charles Denner), an outwardly respectable antiques dealer, hits upon an ingenious solution to the problem of providing enough money for his wife and four children. Posting ads in the lonely hearts sections of newspapers under various assumed names, he meets and charms a string of wealthy middle-class women, who he then lures to a rented villa outside Paris. Once there, he persuades them to sign over their possessions, before murdering them and burning their bodies in the stove. For a time his plan goes perfectly until, one day, the sister of one of his victims recognises him, leading to his arrest. On trial for his life, an unrepentant Landru protests his innocence…