Our film screenings highlight underground, avant-garde and independent cinema. When we can, we host the filmmaker for an introduction and post screening Q&A. We have shown thousands of films ranging from structural classics like Tony Conrad's "The Flicker" on 16mm, to music films such as Bjork's "Biophilia Live" and Sigur Ros' "Heima". We strive to bring classic films to be screened on 16mm but also new films by emerging independent filmmakers.

Moviate Underground’s Best Short Films of 2023

Moviate Undergrounds Best Short Films of 2023DATE: Sunday, April 21st, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

Join us April 21st at the Midtown Cinema as we revisit some of the best short films from Moviate’s 2023 Underground Film Festival!

“An Example of Lee-Roth Fog Isolated Under Laboratory Conditions”
Ryan Betschart / San Diego, CA / 3min / Digital

Spiritual mists are a stand in for the nuts-and-bolts details surrounding the life of enigmatic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. A personality perfectly captured in eruptions of ecstatic sound.

“Stoned to the Bone”
Rudy Childs / Rockland, MA/Montgomery County, MD / 15min / VHS

A short that focuses on a 1985 weekend field party bacchanal that took place in Montgomery County, Maryland. A cast of colorful characters are recorded using a home video camera and a CBS microphone swiped from the Reagan Inauguration earlier that year. Music included is the doom metal icons Pentagram who are interviewed as they set up for the performance.

“Portage Place”
Tiff Bartel / Winnipeg, MB / 4min / Super 8

Follow Winnipeg's Portage Place shopping mall, from its opening day in 1987 to what may be its final days.

Charles Cadkin / Chicago, IL / 5min / 16mm

On the Northwest side of Chicago, large swaths of people have been gathering for decades to fill their containers with water from a magical water pump.

“Searching for Beauty in Student Loan Debt or at Least the Envelopes in Which It Comes”
Nicky Tavares / United States / 6min / 16mm

Don your 3D glasses, open your mind, allow the denial of questionable financial decisions made by an aspiring young artist to dissolve on your tongue, and take a trip over 10 years to a delusory destination where the student loan debt crisis and one advanced art degree converge. Lean into the darkness of capitalized interest or remove your glasses and dream in color of solvency that may never come.

“Drive with Persephone”
MiruFiyu / Unknown / 10min / Digital

. . . . . The ancient myth of the goddess of rebirth’s abduction told through ‘drive with me vlogs’ and sousveillance. Seemingly innocuous recordings are fraught with foreboding as the vloggers who yearn for freedom, love and self-expression find themselves unable to escape society’s haunting bondage.

Simon Plouffe / Montreal, QC / 16min / Digital

astern white pines submerged under the waters of a hydroelectric reservoir on unceded Innu territory transform into flames. This exploration between water and fire illustrates our current climate emergency through multiple stories about the relationship between a community and its land.

Jack Gray / Philadelphia, PA / 4min / Digital

Featuring hundreds of looping animated characters, the film explores how the repetitive actions of our day-to-day lives quickly spiral into an endless kaleidoscope of abstraction.

“Vision of Paradise”
Leonardo Pirondi / Brazil/USA/UK / 16min / 35mm/16mm

The film follows a voyage of the Brazilian Military in search of an imaginary island with the same name as their country. The myth from 1483 Brazil, or Hy-Brazil, is known to exist to the west of Ireland and above the Fortunate Islands. Amidst the fine threshold of the real, simulated, and imagined, the film analyzes the contemporary ideas of virtual reality and their ambition to expand the frontiers of the physical world into a "New World".


INVADER (2024)

Invader posterDATE: Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

A Film by Mickey Keating
Produced by Joe Swanberg

Come join Moviate & The Midtown Cinema for a ONE NIGHT ONLY Theatrical Screening for the new horror film INVADER, directed by Mickey Keating (Offseason, Pyschopaths) - featuring producer Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, LOL) in person conducting a post screening Q&A, hosted by local filmmaker Brewce Longo!

"Ana arrives in the Chicago suburbs and begins to suspect that something terrible has happened to her missing cousin, but soon realizes that her greatest fears don't even scratch the surface."


SPHERES by MclarenDATE: Sunday, March 17th, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

A collection of rare Animated short films all shown on 16mm film.  Films by Norman McLaren Evelyn Lambart and others will show the fascinating illusion of movement.  7PM $12. Midtown Cinema.

"Deep Listening: The Story of Pauline Oliveros" by Daniel Weintraub

deep listening poster 2DATE: Sunday, February 18th, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

"Deep Listening: The Story of Pauline Oliveros" tells the story of the iconic composer, performer, teacher, philosopher, technological innovator and humanitarian, Pauline Oliveros. She was one of the world's original electronic musicians, one of the only females amongst notable post-war American composers, a master accordion player, a teacher and mentor to musicians, a gateway to music and sound for non-musicians and a technical innovator who helped develop everything from tools that allow musicians to play together while in different countries to software that enables those with severe disabilities to create beautiful music.

On the vanguard of contemporary American music for six decades, her story illuminates the pathway to how we got where we are and where the future will take us in the worlds of music, the philosophy of sound, and the art of listening.

Produced in collaboration with executive producer lone, Oliveros' partner in life and work, and the Ministry of Maat, Inc., the film combines rare archival footage, live performances, and unreleased music with appearances by Terry Riley, Anna Halprin, lone, Linda Montano, Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore, Alvin Lucier, Claire Chase, Miya Masaoka, Morton Subotnick, Tony Martin, Ramon Sender and many more ground- breaking artists.

SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY - In Person Screening with Director J.R. Bookwalter

Side Effects May Vary poster webDATE: Sunday, January 28th, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

Come out and join us for a very special One Night Only Film Event with Cult filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter (The Dead Next Door, Ozone). This is J.R.'s first feature film in over twenty years and it is not to be missed during its theatrical run! Come meet J.R. and participate in a post film Q&A! Also appearing at the screening will be writer/actor James L. Edwards!

“With the world gripped by a deadly pandemic, science denier Glenn Rollins turns to an experimental vaccine as treatment for a lingering sickness. Much to the surprise of his doctor, wife, and friends, the remedy immediately fixes what ails him. But Glenn will soon discover the only thing more fatal than the virus… is the cure.”

Starring JAMES L. EDWARDS ("Bloodletting"), TINA KRAUSE ("Witchouse 3: Demon Fire"), FLOYD EWING JR. ("Skinned Alive"), DREW FORTIER ("Her Name Was Christa"), SASHA GRAHAM ("Brimstone Incorporated"), TOM HOOVER ("Polymorph"), and a special appearance by the legendary BRINKE STEVENS ("The Slumber Party Massacre")!

"EVEN HELL HAS ITS HEROES" directed by Clyde Petersen

EHHIH Poster Web RGBDATE: Sunday, November 26th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12


Since 1989, the slowest metal band on the planet has conjured some of music’s most striking tectonic changes.

Not only did the band Earth create a glacially paced sub-genre of metal and play a pivotal role in the popularization of grunge, but visionary leader Dylan Carlson also did it while battling small-town boredom, heroin addiction, and the tragic death of his roommate and best friend, Kurt Cobain.

Despite the high volume of its beloved and beautiful drone metal, Earth has rarely had much to say for itself.

For the first time, in a moving saga that respects the music as much as the ragtag cast of eccentrics and surreal Pacific Northwest majesty that shaped it, Clyde Petersen gets to the core of the could-have-been-tragic triumph of Earth, the slow band that changed everything it touched.

MOVIATE Presents - An Evening With Pumpkinman w/ Filmmakers David "The Rock" Nelson & Brewce Longo In Person!

image 6487327 1DATE: Sunday, October 15th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $15

Join us in Harrisburg for some Halloween fun at this rare opportunity to see a program of spooky short movies presented live and in person by David "The Rock" Nelson! Followed by a Q&A!

David will be showing his short films Pumpkinman 1-4 and filmmaker Brewce Longo will be showing his recently completed Pumpkinman origin film PUMPKINMAN LIVES (shot in Pennsylvania!!)

The Pumpkinman Saga - by David Rock Nelson
A pumpkin headed monster appears outside of an ordinary suburban home terrorizing it’s inhabitants. David and his brother must battle the Pumpkinman using their experience as a seasoned marine and wrestler to defeat him. The monster keeps coming back in sequels and we see more of The Rock’s battles. We also see him take a nap with the fighting wears him out. We see him eating food. We see him dedicate his fight to a long list of his friends and favorite filmmakers.

Pumpkinman Lives - by Brewce Longo
She died but Pumpkinman Lives!
The terrible take of how Pumpkinman came to be, the little girl who believed in him, and the 65 year old boxer next door who saved the day.

David “The Rock” Nelson is one of the most eccentric creatives alive dubbed as “The Ed Wood of the 21st Century” by Mike Flores, the president of the Psychotronic Film Society, and “The World’s Most Hyperactive Horror Director” by Vice & Bleedingskull’s Zach Carlson. Nelson’s unique style of directing is a mind melting mix of cheap monster costumes, hiring his neighbors and family members to act (willingly or otherwise) unsuspecting celebrities at horror conventions, The Rock eating food, and talking to himself as he sometimes plays up to 5 different characters per movie.

Brewce Longo is a writer/director of shot-on-video horror films and music videos, and a claymation animator. His movies are vintage stylized emulating the 1990s direct to VHS era movies, often featuring underground heavy metal and punk music, DIY special effects, and bizarre stories partially based on true crime. Pumpkinman Lives is his first attempt at a PG rated movie.

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Jim Jarmusch's "The Dead Don't Die

04 dead dontDATE: Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: The Millworks

Admission: $FREE


019 Palme d'Or Nominee (Cannes Film Festival)
2019, 105 minutes.



John Waters' "SERIAL MOM"

03 serial momDATE: Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: The Millworks

Admission: $FREE


Fun film starring Kathleen Turner, Matthew Lillard, Ricki Lake, Sam Waterston, MINK STOLE, L7 and more!
1994, 95 minutes.



O1 party girl parkerDATE: Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 @ 8:00pm

VENUE: The Millworks

Admission: $FREE

PARKER POSEY IS "PARTY GIRL" "There's a New Librarian in Town".

Directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer ("Yellowjackets", "The Walking Dead") and starring Parker Posey, Liev Schreiber, The Lady Bunny, and Sasha von Scherler. In addition to it's witty and quotable screenplay by von Scherler Mayer and Harry Birckmayer, Party Girl is rightfully beloved for it's stacked soundtrack, which includes Tom Tom Club, Run-DMC, Deee-lite, Carl Craig and Ultra-Naté, as well as Mary's stacked wardrobe, which includes pieces by Vivienne Westwood, Todd Oldham, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel. Party Girl had it's finger on the pulse when released in 1995 and, decades later, it's revered as a loving and effervescent cinematic record of a very special time and place in New York City's history. Previously only available in aged standard definition masters, Party Girl has now been restored in 4K from it's original 16mm camera negative.


Smart, sexy and playfully hip. An insightful comedy with a heart of gold. --Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
A must see! --Sheila Benson , Hollywood Online
The new queen of the art house. --Michael Musto, Vanity Fair


GhostsOfTheChelseaHotelDATE: Sunday, September 24th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

The new Chip Baker film, "Ghosts of the Chelsea Hotel (and Other Rock & Roll Stories)", directed by Filmmaker Danny Garcia will make its Pennsylvania theatrical debut screening in Harrisburg at The Midtown Cinema on Sunday, September 24th at 7pm.

This documentary film explores the rich history, cultural significance and otherworldly occurrences of the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York City.

The film features interviews with past and present residents, including artists, musicians, writers, and other creative individuals who have lived and worked at the hotel over the years.

The film's cast includes actor, writer, musician and former resident Michael Imperioli, author Sherill Tippins, rockers Harley Flanagan, Richard Barone, Neon Leon, Howie Pyro, Cynthia Ross, Warhol Superstar Ruby Lynn Reyner, actors Ned Van Zandt and Victor Colicchio plus long time current residents including Man-Lai Liang and Tim Sullivan. They all having a deep connection to the building's roots and share their personal stories, memories, and experiences of the hotel, which has long been known as a hub for artistic and bohemian culture.

The interviews in the film were shot in the Chelsea Hotel building giving the film an authentic feel of "being there".

The musical soundtrack was composed and performed by Cat Casual and the Final Word.

In addition, the film also includes historical footage of some of the residents and regulars who made the glorious Chelsea Hotel so legendary including Andy Warhol, Harry Smith, Nico, Jobriath, Larry Rivers, Dee Dee Ramone, Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

The documentary also delves into the history of the hotel itself, which was built in the late 19th century and has served as a home and gathering place for some of the most influential artists and cultural icons of the past century including Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Jack Kerouac, Thomas Wolfe, William S. Burroughs, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Cher, Madonna and a possible spirit or two.

The Chelsea Hotel has been a place of inspiration and creativity for generations of artists.

Andy Warhol talked about the hotel's unique energy and how it inspired his art; describing it as "a glamorous vortex of artists, celebrities, and eccentrics." Warhol himself was a regular fixture at the hotel's infamous parties and events.

The film explores the hotel's role in the cultural and artistic movements of the 20th century, from the Beat Generation to the Punk Rock scene. It also touches on the controversies and tragedies that have occurred at the hotel, including the mysterious death of Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, who called the Chelsea Hotel "an artistic tornado of death and destruction and love and broken dreams”.

The hotel was a place where anything could happen, where creativity thrived and where people from all walks of life came together in a chaotic and vibrant community.

Overall, "Ghosts of the Chelsea Hotel (and Other Rock & Roll Stories)" is a fascinating and insightful look at one of the most iconic and legendary buildings in New York City, and the creative spirits who have called it home over the years.

The Best of the Moviate Underground Film Festival 2020-22

Screen Shot 2023 03 19 at 10.56.14 AMDATE: Sunday, April 16th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

 The Moviate Underground Film Festival presents a wild variety of shorts, pulling from the best entries in our 2020-2022 festivals.


"Wilderness Days" - Jason Younkman
"Lumen" - Sarah Seené
"Press Pound to Connect" - Alexander Fingrutd
"My Parent Neal" - Hannah Saidiner
"Because the Sky is Blue" - Wenhua Shi
"Mountains Meet the Sea" - Kathleen Rugh
"Whisper, Rustle" - Maureen Zent
"Winter Island" - Peaches Goodrich
"In the Mountains" - Wally Chung
"Deep Learning Death" - Thorsten Fleisch
"Enjoying a Nice Life" - Rainbow Timothy
"First Months of Freedom" - Kristin Li
"How Do They Do It?" - A. Moon
"Wind" - Dana Sink

FaceBook Link: https://fb.me/e/1bm17B7WP 

"OUT OF TIME: The Material Issue Story" directed by Balin Schneider

MI doc HIGH RESDATE: Sunday, March 19th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

One Screening Only!

"Out of Time: The Material Issue Story" examines the tragic story of a rock band on the cusp of superstardom cut short by front man Jim Ellison's suicide. The film tells the story of Material Issue, a power pop trio from Chicago that was literally out of time, sandwiched between the post-punk era of the 80's and the alternative rock movement of the 90's searching for its identity in the gritty world of rock and roll.

Material Issue were a prominent power pop trio from Chicago in the early 1990's, andwere most notable for their debut album International Pop Overthrow and singles: "Valerie Loves Me", "Diane", "What Girls Want", and "Kim the Waitress". They were contemporaries of some of rock's biggest bands, including the Smashing Pumpkins,Weezer, the Pretenders, Liz Phair, and INXS.

The film features original band members Mike Zelenko and Ted Ansani with the first interviews of the family of Jim Ellison since his passing along with others that helped shape the world of the band including Jeff Murphy, Joe Shanahan, Jay O'Rourke, Jeff Kwatinetz, Matt Pinfield, Steve Albini and more.


Out of Time: The Material Issue Story - Trailer from Factory 25 on Vimeo.

A THIEF IN THE NIGHT - Film Screening

thiefDATE: Sunday, February 19th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

Admission: $12

Come see the Cult Classic about The Rapture and End Times!

Shown on 16mm Film w/ bonus short film

The story of Patty, a young woman living for the present with little concern for the future. She meets and marries a young man and her life seems great, until one morning she awakens to find her husband gone and the radio reporting that millions of people have mysteriously disappeared. As dramatic, earth-shaking events unfold around her, Patty realizes that she is living in the end times spoken of in biblical prophecy. Adventure and suspense build to a thought-provoking climax in this powerfully gripping film.

"SOLEY" by Róska & Manrico Povolettino, Iceland, 1982, 1h 47m Newly Restored 4K DCP

soleyposterDATE: Sunday November 27th @ 7pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Post screening, Q&A (via video) with film restorers Thorbjorg Jónsdóttir and Lee Lynch!

Synopsis: Set in the 18th century, Sóley focuses on a young farmer’s resistance to Danish colonial oppression with the help of supernatural forces, including titular elf-maiden Sóley.

About: "SOLEY: The Hidden People of the Shadowy Rocks" is the only feature film by Icelandic avant-garde artist Róska (Ragnhildur Óskarsdóttir, 1940–1996), made in collaboration with her husband Manrico Pavolettoni.

Educated in Prague and Rome, Róska was known for her radical leftist political views which are often evident in her art. A founder of the The Living Art Museum in Reykjavík and a member of diverse artist collective SÚM, Róska made waves in a male-dominated field, and indeed, the situation of women was a primary theme of her work.

JACK-O (Newly Restored DCP!) w/ Halloween Safety on 16mm at The Midtown Cinema

jacko 5DATE: Sunday October 30th, 2022 @ 7PM

VENUE: The Millworks


Come join us for some Halloween Fun! We'll be showing the newly restored American Genre Film Archive DCP of the 1995 Horror Cult Classic JACK-O! Starring Linnea Quigley and Gary Doles! Plus opening things up with our 16mm print of HALLOWEEN SAFETY! Come have fun and celebrate the season with us at the Midtown Cinema!

"A campfire tale brought to life."

JACK-O is the Halloween mash-up between TROLL 2, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?, and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V that you've been dreaming of. It's Halloween night in the small town of Oakmoor Crossing. And all is not well. Armed with a scythe and a literal pumpkin for a head, Mister Jack has risen from his tomb to seek revenge against a warlock's descendants and their babysitter (Linnea Quigley, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD). Why? We're not sure. But we are sure that JACK-O is resplendent in its Halloween vibes, autumn landscapes, and surrealist visuals. Newly restored from the original 16mm camera negative, JACK-O is a gloriously fun 1990s slasher that deserves a spot in your heart as a Halloween tradition.

Presented by MOVIATE

"HAROLD AND MAUDE" by HAL ASHBY. 1971, 91 minutes, color, 16mm Film

DATE: Wednesday September 28th, 2022 @ 7PM

VENUE: The Millworks


Working from a script by Colin Higgins, Ashby tells the story of the emotional and romantic bond between a death-obsessed young man (Bud Cort) from a wealthy family and a devil-may-care, bohemian octogenarian (Ruth Gordon). Equal parts gallows humor and romantic innocence, Harold and Maude dissolves the line between darkness and light along with the ones that separate people by class, gender, and age, and it features indelible performances and a remarkable soundtrack by Cat Stevens. -Criterion.com

"Moviate is a volunteer operated, not for profit organization, dedicated to bringing independent, underground, and avant-garde Cinema and Sound events to the Harrisburg, PA area."

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