Welcome to the 24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival! May 19 -21, 2023

All programs will be held at:
The Midtown Cinema - 250 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

Welcome to the 24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It sure doesn't seem like 24 years! We are excited to be presenting the entire festival  for the second year at The Midtown Cinema. They have been a long time supporter of our film festival and monthly programming throughout the year and we are more than happy to be hosting the festival again at our favorite Art House!

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MUFF 2023 ProgramCover

About This Year's 24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival!

MUFF 2023 ProgramCoverThis year includes a wonderful program of over 50 shorts and features from around the world!

Friday Night

Our kickoff screening will be a DCP screening of the recently released "non-documentary" - We Are Fugazi From Washington DC!  We are excited to be the first to screen the film outside of its initial run in Silver Spring, Maryland. The film was curated by filmmakers Joe Gross, Joseph Pattisall, and Jeff Krulik. We will be hosting Jeff Krulik at the screening where he will be introducing the film and participating in a post film Q&A. Some may remember Jeff's appearance at his screening of Led Zappelin Played Here back at our 17th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival as well as the screenings of his other works including Heavy Metal Parking Lot back in our days at the Whitaker Center. 

Saturday Morning

We are excited to start the morning off with the feature documentary Other Ways of Listening - a wonderful French documentary about avant-garde music by filmmaker Jérôme Florenville.

Saturday Night

We will be hosting filmmaker Lodge Kerrigan as we present a newly restored 4K DCP of his acclaimed feature film, Keane. Lodge will join us for the screening and participate in a post film Q&A with our audiences.

Throughout the rest of the weekend

We will present 8 different programs of exciting short films submitted from all over the world from many different genres!

A Special Thanks To Our Festival's 24th Year Supporters and Volunteers!

Back Cover MUFF24The Moviate Underground Film Festival would like the acknowledge the generous support we receive from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Midtown Cinema, and the support from our filmmaker entry fees.

The festival is entirely volunteer operated with a core group of members. Moviate core members include: Caleb Smith, Josh Drake, Tara Chickey, Jeremy Moss, James Hollenbaugh, and Michael Robinson. Read more...

We wish to thank all of the volunteers who dedicate time and passion to the Moviate Underground Film Festival and to the staff of The Midtown Cinema, The Millworks, and J.B. Shope Consulting for their continued support of Moviate. Additional thanks for the local community organizations that support us including Elmentary Coffee Roasters, Moonrise Candle, and Fennec Design. We would like to acknowledge Brittany Baksa for her wonderful collage work and designs created for this year's festival. Special thanks to Lodge Kerrigan, Jeff Krulik, Grasshopper Films, and all of the filmmakers who come from near and far to attend and support our festival.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival Kickoff Event - Day One @ 7pm

wearefugaziDATE: Friday May 19th, 2023 Starts @ 7PM

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


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Harrisburg, PA Screening with Filmmaker Jeff Krulik In Person

First Screening Outside of the
Maryland / DC area!

One Night Only! In conjunction with the 24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival! Filmmaker Jeff Krulik will be introducing and conducting a post film Q&A!

Program curated by Joe Gross, Joseph Pattisall and Jeff Krulik | 96 min. NOT RATED

To commemorate the 20 years that have passed since DC-based post-hardcore band Fugazi's last live appearance (November 4, 2002, at The Forum in London), AFI Silver (Maryland) presented a screening of crowd-sourced, fan-recorded live shows and rare archival footage to pay tribute to Fugazi's prowess as a live act — for old fans to remember and for a new generation to discover what they missed. This unique archival assemblage celebrates the fans and their cameras, as much as the band itself — a collision/collusion of the ephemeral moment on stage, and the moments captured on camera.

MOVIATE now brings this film to Harrisburg for a special ONE NIGHT ONLY engagement with filmmaker Jeff Krulik in person!

After a long run of completely sold out screenings at AFI Silver, WE ARE FUGAZI FROM WASHINGTON, DC will finally screen outside of Maryland with several limited screenings throughout the US! This will be the only Harrisburg screening and this film will likely never be released on any home video or streaming format. So, come out and have fun with us at The Midtown Cinema!

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Two - Daytime Screenings (1 of 4)

DATE: Saturday May 20th, 2023 @11am

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Other Ways of Listening

Other Ways of Listening
Feature Film Presentation

Jérôme Florenville
France I 61 I Digital

“Changing life” was the objective proclaimed by the politicians who came to power in France in 1981. It was this impetus that enabled the Ministry of Culture to provide the major creators of avant-garde music with the means to develop new ways of making and listening to music. Luc Ferrari seized this opportunity to create a collective structure in 1982: La Muse en Circuit. "Other Ways of Listening" retraces the tumultuous history of this association dedicated to the development of non-standard music, drawing on archives and explosive testimonies. Forty years after its creation, this laboratory continues to irrigate a whole current of unclassifiable music, the common thread of which is still based on sound creation.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Two - Daytime Screenings (2 of 4)

DATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 12:35pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Disappearing Acts

Disappearing Acts
A presentation of short films.

Portage Place

Tiff Bartel
Winnipeg, MB I 4 I Super 8

Follow Winnipeg's Portage Place shopping mall, from its opening day in 1987 to what may be its final days.


Erren Franklin
California/France I 6 I 8mm

A final road trip together. A film made as an offering, an acknowledgement of pain, shown as evidence that she is seen fully in this life, and loved always.

In 1993 Your Father-In-Law Told Me a Joke...

Roger Horn
Flagstaff, AZ/Switzerland I 5 I Super 8

Recounts a joke that the filmmaker’s father-in-law told his Ukrainian friends, that once seemed harmless and amusing, but is now all too real. Initially appearing to be a nostalgic look at an older couple enjoying a holiday with friends in the beautiful Swiss countryside, it becomes clear that Evgeniy and Elena are not on vacation but are, in fact, being sheltered by friends as they wait for assistance from Germany. The film asks viewers to consider the challenges and struggles faced by refugees as they navigate unfamiliar landscapes and bureaucratic systems in search of safety and stability.

The Fall of Cannonsville

Charles Cadkin
Chicago, IL. I 22 I 16mm/35mm

Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s the communities of Cannonsville, Granton, Rock Rift, Rock Royal, Johnny Brook and Beerston, NY were destroyed to make way for the Cannonsville Reservoir. The reservoir would serve as the last piece of New York City’s growing water infrastructure in a battle of upstate versus downstate. 60 years after vacating or moving their homes, former residents gather at their annual town reunion to reflect and reminisce on their memories and the collective trauma that they share.

Disappearing Acts

Sarah E. Jenkins
Boston, MA I 4 I Digital

Darkness encroaches upon a loggy landscape of animated tricks and turns.


Meryl Jones
Brooklyn, NY I 21 I 16mm

Two siblings coming of age in 1989 learn a painful lesson when one secretly pursues the other into the woods in search of an elusive mountain lion.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Two - Daytime Screenings (3 of 4)

DATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 2:15pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



A presentation of short films.

(de)Vice Grip

Padrick Sean Ritch
United States I 3 I Digital/35mm/16mm/Super 8

A short film about the "terms of service" agreements of social media applications and smart phone devices.

CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man

Brian Lonano/Blake Myers
Atlanta, GA I 15 I Digital/16mm/Super 8

"Filmmaker" Brian Lonano tries to talk about a beloved cult film. What happens next will shock you!


Alex Morelli
Chicago, IL I 4 I Digital

Something is awry with Greece’s COVID-19 tourism ads—is it the virus itself? Or is the invitation to #visitgreece not as open as it seems? With a little help from datamoshing, the ads begin to offer glimpses of new anti-migrant measures and reveal the contradictions of travel.

Tar Beach Revelation

Neil Ira Needleman
United States I 3 I Digital

Does listening to Bach transform teenage boys into homosexuals?

The Voice in Isabel Fleiss's Office

Jim Haverkamp
Durham, NC I 6 I Digital/16mm

A woman with an unusual malady--cobweb buildup in the throat--receives an even more unusual treatment in this adaptation of a surreal poem by North Carolina writer Virgil Renfroe.

Spank Patrol

Kevin Ralston
United States I 3 I Digital

An evil agent has stolen a valuable piece of gold from its rightful owner with no telling what they’ll do with it. The Spank Patrol is called in to retrieve the gold and serve out some justice...Justice in the form of numerous spanks to the butt.


Thorsten Fleisch
Germany I 6 I Digital

Follow the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, as he and Alan Turing accidentally release demons into our dimension with help from Robo-Marie Curie. It is a thrilling journey into a world where science and the supernatural coexist, and the choices we make have the power to shape our destiny.


Ryan Tynan
Chicago, IL I 2 I Digital

A short film inspired by the spoken word piece of the same name.

Soap is an Illusion (Dirt: Part One)

David Finkelstein
United States I 21 I Digital

The viewer is plunged into the volatility of our conflicting attractions to dirt and cleanliness. A collage of poetic imagery, music, and abstracted, incantatory language, the film follows two men in an excavation of our cultural soil. Their dialog gives rise to unexpected landscapes, populated by revengeful toasters, soap bubbles which fly on magic carpets, and other surprises.

Skin Kligman

Ronni Thomas
Brooklyn, NY I 6 I Digital

A down and out ex-convict attempts to shed light on the unreported atrocities of Dr. Albert Kligman, creator of the 'cosmetic wonder cream' Retin-A. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Kligman performed barbaric skin experiments on prisoners, mainly black, to develop his anti-aging cream serum. Though the details in this film are based on factual evidence, the story has gone untold for decades.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Two - Daytime Screenings (4 of 4)

DATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 4:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Body Legato

Body Legato
A presentation of short films.

Chapter 3: Pacifies a Lier

Better Lovers/Hsin-Yu Chen
United States I 13 I Digital

Part of an ongoing series of experimental shorts conceived of as a guide for learning pottery-making through hypnotism, the film probes through dark psychological vignettes like Russian nesting dolls. Material and psychical space collapse as ideas appear and reappear in temporal spiraling; perceptual experience and the process of learning become indistinguishable. You can pick up your work next week.

This Is How I Felt

Josh Weissbach
East Haddam, CT I 2 I 16mm

Filmed in a twenty-four period while the filmmaker was wearing a heart monitor to investigate possible arrhythmias.

Drive with Persephone

Unknown I 10 I Digital

. . . . . The ancient myth of the goddess of rebirth’s abduction told through ‘drive with me vlogs’ and sousveillance. Seemingly innocuous recordings are fraught with foreboding as the vloggers who yearn for freedom, love and self-expression find themselves unable to escape society’s haunting bondage.


Sandy McLennan
Canada I 3 I Super 8 I In-Camera-Edit I Silent

With a super 8 cartridge I shot moons ago, labelled "unknown", I'm back in the darkroom after some months. Ah, it's the river near home! Turned out to look just how I felt, with muted brown, false horizon, chemical re-balance and frayed nerve.


Kathryn Ramey
United States I 10 I 16mm

An acronym for swimming at your own risk, SAYOR refers to a forum without a moderator. Three years in the lives of three AMAB (assigned male at birth) children with a parent/observer. What does it mean to be male in the 21st century?

Body Legato

Sam Drake
Milwaukee, WI I 6 I Digital/16mm

Imagined possibilities of disembodied being. A cow becomes meat becomes man becomes angel, while a surveillance balloon hovers overhead.

Vision of Paradise

Leonardo Pirondi
Brazil/USA/UK I 16 I 35mm/16mm

The film follows a voyage of the Brazilian Military in search of an imaginary island with the same name as their country. The myth from 1483 Brazil, or Hy-Brazil, is known to exist to the west of Ireland and above the Fortunate Islands. Amidst the fine threshold of the real, simulated, and imagined, the film analyzes the contemporary ideas of virtual reality and their ambition to expand the frontiers of the physical world into a "New World".

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Two @ 8pm

Keane 4K Restoration PosterDATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 8PM

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


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Lodge Kerrigan Presents - KEANE (New 4K Restoration) - Live & In Person

Followed by an in-person Q&A with Director Lodge Kerrigan

“KEANE might just be the greatest American film of the past fifteen years.”
– IndieWire

Moviate invites you to a one night only special film event as we welcome Lodge Kerrigan to Harrisburg for the 24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival!

William Keane (Damian Lewis) is barely able to cope. It has been six months since his six-year-old daughter was abducted from New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal while traveling with him. Repeatedly drawn to the site of the abduction, Keane wanders the bus station, compulsively replaying the events of that fateful day, as if hoping to change the outcome. One day he meets a financially strapped woman, Lynn Bedik (Amy Ryan), and her seven-year-old daughter, Kira (Abigail Breslin), at a transient hotel. Keane becomes increasingly attached to Kira and, in a harrowing climax, uses her in an attempt to fill the void left by his daughter’s disappearance.

The 4K restoration of KEANE from the 35mm original camera negative was supervised by Lodge Kerrigan and Kristina Boden. Nat Jencks was the colorist, Larry Blake was the re-recording mixer, and Travis Gerdes was the post-production supervisor. It was completed in early 2022 at PostWorks, New York.

Lodge Kerrigan's writer/director feature credits include CLEAN, SHAVEN (1993), CLAIRE DOLAN (1998), KEANE (2004), and REBECCA H. (RETURN TO THE DOGS) (2010). He co-created, wrote and directed the television series THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. His television directing credits also include episodes of HOMELAND, THE AMERICANS and THE KILLING.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Three - Daytime Screenings (1 of 4)

DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @11am

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Garden Glimpses 2

Garden Glimpses: An All-Ages Program of Short Films


Charles Cadkin
Chicago, IL I 5 I 16mm

On the Northwest side of Chicago, large swaths of people have been gathering for decades to fill their containers with water from a magical water pump.


Erren Franklin
California/France I 7 I 8mm

An experimental film shot on regular-8mm. All in-camera, analog effects.


Lee Lorenzo Lynch/Thorbjorg Jonsdottir
Iceland I 9 I 16mm

An intimate portrait that documents a day in the life of Konni, the last child inhabitant on a remote island in the arctic circle that boasts a population of only 16 people.

Garden Glimpses

Caryn Cline
Seattle, WA I 6 I 16mm

Inspired by Marie Menken's "Glimpse of the Garden," this is the second in a series of films about artists of the everyday. In-camera double exposures capture the colors and textures of landscape architect Keith Geller's Seattle garden on a warm spring day.

Beyond the Shadows

Steven J. York/Jacob Dodd
West Virginia/New York I 13 I 16mm

A shadow puppet film that explores a series of Appalachian family stories inspired by the dreams of West Virginia director Steven J. York and his father William York. The film depicts mountain mysticism, traditional Appalachian folk magic, and dreams of life out at the old homeplace.


Ella Harmon
United States I 3 I 16mm I In-Camera-Edit

A short observational film about the relationship between pigeons and their anthropocentric environment. These birds find freedom where other animals perish, yet owe their mobility in the urban space to a long history of domestication.

There is a Hole in the Ground

Aidan Cronin
East Northport, NY I 12 I 16mm

While mowing her lawn, Janice uncovers a hole in the ground and is forced to navigate its ever-looming sounds and presence.


Jack Gray
Philadelphia, PA I 4 I Digital

Featuring hundreds of looping animated characters, the film explores how the repetitive actions of our day-to-day lives quickly spiral into an endless kaleidoscope of abstraction.


Dana Sink
Harrisburg, PA I 3 I Digital

An animated film intersecting machinery, life, and our subconscious.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Three - Daytime Screenings (2 of 4)

DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @12:40pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Wreckage Rags 2

Wreckage & Rags
A non-explicit program of experimental short films


John Peter Coronati
Philadelphia, PA I 2 I 16mm

A painted, scratched, wax-covered 16mm montage set to Lead Belly’s “Ain’t You Glad.” The footage is compiled from a 1980s anti-smoking educational film, an artifact strangely reflective of how cultural phenomena such as moralizing behaviors and gender stereotyping are reinforced through media portrayals.

Frames for Yoko 1-5

David Sherman
Tuscon, AZ I 11 I Digital

A FLUXUS inspired performance framing of Yoko Ono caught on camera in January of 1969, extracted sequentially from Peter Jackson's film Get Back (2021) from footage originally directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969.

A Body Appeared at the Lake Today

Brian Ratigan
Brooklyn, NY I 5 I 8mm

A found footage examination of what happened at the lake today. Where were you? An exquisite corpse by Non Films. Images randomly selected from found footage; poem written without images; music written without images or words. 8mm found footage: New York, 1953.

How a Sprig of Fir Would Replace a Feather

Anna Kipervaser
Durham, NC I 8 I 16mm I Silent

Taking its title from Charles Altamont Doyle, the film is a meditation on ritual, at once a labor of love and of pain, of parting. A taxonomy of the investigation of love, of becoming. In perpetual beginning. In perpetual ending. Coming into vision, into the present, a leaving. A leaving.

kauaʻi ʻōʻō

Samy Benammar
Canada I 4 I Super 8

In 2000, the International Union for Conservation of Nature officially declared the Kauai ‘ōʻō extinct. All that remains of this endemic bird of the Hawaiian island of the same name is the recording of its singing by ornithologist David Boynton. Between territories and treetops, I'm still looking for a trace of the vanished birds.

How to Build a House out of Wreckage and Rags

Bernd Lützeler
Berlin, Germany I 8 I 16mm/Super 8

Found footage: California in the 1950's and 60's. A young Indian couple enjoys their personal American dream come true in their home somewhere in the suburbs of San Francisco. In great detail they demonstrate their newly achieved wealth in front of their Super-8 camera. Like postcards, they would send these film rolls to their families back in India. Around the same time, an American missionary couple visits the city of Calcutta to shoot a Christian propaganda film.

There, Where She is Not

Sarah Ballard
Milwaukee, WI I 7 I 16mm

Echoes of a time in my grandmother's life that she no longer remembers—a fractured memory recollected through proxy figures Frances Farmer and Marguerite Duras—a mirror is a placeless place.

In the Broken Eye of the Butterfly

Vera Hector/Justin Brown
Iowa City, IA I 5 I 8mm

The butterfly mime is getting up but there is no one left to watch the show. Skin, eyes, walls, wings, hair, sun, earth. An old song of tomorrow. A musical and visual poem shot in between new and old industrial cities featuring butterflies - live creatures and embroidered ones - as a shared collection of pictures. A two wings film.


Richard Peter Tuohy
Australia I 11 I 16mm

A staccato study of street level action and inter-action. People and vehicles on everyday journeys are atomized into coursing fragments of light, shadow, angle and inertia; reiterating and disassembling the creation of motion out of still frames at the heart of cinema. Filmed in ten cities on four continents.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Three - Daytime Screenings (3 of 4)

DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @2:20pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


A City WO A Map

A presentation of short films.

A Crooked Path Through The Dark

David Franklin
Ireland/Japan I 26 I Digital

A butoh dancer (Atsushi Matsuda, of the internationally renowned group Dairakudakan) travels across Tokyo on his way to rehearsals, traversing a subconscious landscape that bridges the interior world of the self with an exterior world that extends through the city to the cosmos. As storms boil and earthquakes rattle, we witness the visceral and moving process of destruction and renewal needed for the creation of a new performance.


Timothy David Orme
Unknown I 3 I Digital

When The Time Sings Again

Keyi Zhang
Shangluo, Shaanxi, China I 11 I digital

A man's ten minutes have been stolen. He wants to look for them back. The story of his life has become this film. But now, as the character of this film, he is being sold by the author on the street.


Michael Lyons
Japan I 5 I 16mm I Silent

This camera-less silent film examines parts and wholes. Electronic components were photogrammed on 16mm print stock. Displacements in time and space assemble the parts into an abstract dynamic gestalt.

As close as your voice can call

Derek B Jenkins
Canada I 14 I 16mm

A film about language, about the way trauma inflects grief, and about learning to speak with the dead.


Josh Weissbach
East Haddam, CT I 8 I 16mm/Super 8

signal communications proliferate across borders. incongruent shapes subtracted from form. fractal topographies without document.


24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Three - Daytime Screenings (4 of 4)

DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @4:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Invisible World

Invisible World
A presentation of short films.

Grief is the Glitch

Julia Mallory
Harrisburg, PA I 3 I Digital

A visual and sonic meditation on the disorienting experience of loss. Mallory moves through an encounter with an oracle-like figure to archival footage of her late son, Julian, as he reflects on the impact of young lives lost to violence.

I was born in 1988

Yasaman Baghban
Islamic Republic of Iran/North Carolina I 9 I Digital

An experimental documentary and personal essay on a series of executions of Iranian political prisoners that began in the summer of 1988, following the end of the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq. The mothers of these prisoners are a symbol of resistance and freedom. For nearly three decades, I have been preoccupied with the coincidence of this massacre and my birth in August 1988.

Sensitive Material

Nataliya Ilchuk
Ukraine/France I 26 I Super 8

Shot over the course of 10 years on expired Svema Super 8 film, this film is about the mental trauma of a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family during Soviet times in Ukraine.

Searching for Beauty in Student Loan Debt or at Least the Envelopes in Which It Comes

Nicky Tavares
United States I 6 I 16mm

Don your 3D glasses, open your mind, allow the denial of questionable financial decisions made by an aspiring young artist to dissolve on your tongue, and take a trip over 10 years to a delusory destination where the student loan debt crisis and one advanced art degree converge. Lean into the darkness of capitalized interest or remove your glasses and dream in color of solvency that may never come.


Simon Plouffe
Montreal, QC I 16 I Digital

Eastern white pines submerged under the waters of a hydroelectric reservoir on unceded Innu territory transform into flames. This exploration between water and fire illustrates our current climate emergency through multiple stories about the relationship between a community and its land.

Invisible World

Kym McDaniel
Salt Lake City, UT I 5 I Digital

To apply for an accessible or Crip parking placard, a doctor within the state must approve the application. As part of the application, there are six medical conditions which qualify a person for a placard. Many people with disabilities are included and many are not. This film is a record of my introduction to healthcare in the state of Utah. My processing of the appointment and consequential aftermath as a video object serves as a reclamation and assertion for understanding disability and the physical world otherwise.

24th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival - Day Three @8pm

DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @8:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


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Stoned to the Bone

Stoned to the Bone: Rock & Roll Shorts

An Example of Lee-Roth Fog Isolated Under Laboratory Conditions

Ryan Betschart
San Diego, CA I 3 I Digital

Spiritual mists are a stand in for the nuts-and-bolts details surrounding the life of enigmatic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. A personality perfectly captured in eruptions of ecstatic sound.

Stoned to the Bone

Rudy Childs
Rockland, MA/Montgomery County, MD I 15 I VHS

A short that focuses on a 1985 weekend field party bacchanal that took place in Montgomery County, Maryland. A cast of colorful characters are recorded using a home video camera and a CBS microphone swiped from the Reagan Inauguration earlier that year. Music included is the doom metal icons Pentagram who are interviewed as they set up for the performance.

Scum Show - OSEES - Music Video

MaLo Sutra Fish
Paris, FR I 2 I Super 8

Shot at Le Trianon in Paris during OSEES' show on June 29th 2022. The reels were hand processed at the Collective Lab L'Etna. The film was pre-edited and animated, colored, and special effects were also processed by hand; digitally edited. Long live Punk Spirit!

2940 N Campbell

Jacob Kessler
Chicago, IL I 4 I 16mm

A Satanic holiday is celebrated at a queer DIY space in Chicago. As police raid and permanently shut down the venue, excess pleasures persist to the musicality of a malfunctioning police radio. In the onslaught of lights and noises, audience members find a curious indifference to their source.

Fugazi's Barber

Joe Tropea, Robert A. Emmons Jr.
Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C. I 16 I Digital

In Washington, DC, legendary punk rockers get cleaned up by an old-school Italian barber.

Texas Transformed

Kwashiorkor Collective
Harrisburg, PA/Dallas, TX I 29 I Super 8

My 1984 summer vacation to the Republican National Convention in Dallas Texas. 

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