21st MUFF PosterDATE: Sunday, May 26th @ 12 noon

VENUE: Civic Club of Harrisburg

 12 Noon - Tales of Horror! 42min

The Radiation Monster
Eli & Leo Richards, 4min, USA, Digital

A radiation monster gets taken down by two Middletown, PA men, saving the town from nuclear fallout.

Dancing Queen
Neil Ira Needleman, 2min, USA, Digital

An epic tale of adversity, struggle, and persistence, accompanied by an intense musical score that makes Mahler seem like ABBA.

Paul Ouellette, 3min, USA, 16mm

A young man kills a bug and this worries him

The Black Basilisk
Edward Loupe, 10min, USA, 16mm

A woman, trying to get away with murder, receives help from the creature who lives in the drain under her bathroom sink. A short horror story in the vein of 'The Twilight Zone'.

Alessia Cecchet, 12min, Italy/USA, Digital

Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses. Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms.

All Happened Before
Gloria Mercer, 5min, Canada, 16mm

Amanda is a restless young girl coping with her babysitter moving away. After a traumatic incident, she is forced to reckon with saying goodbye to her childhood.

Heath Hofmeister, 6min, USA, Digital

The tale of a man with places to go in a world that doesn't work. A sci-fi drama set in a near future world.

1 PM – The Space Between: A Program of Formative Explorations, 51 min

Reasonable Watchfulness
Talena Sanders, 8min, Portugal/Spain/USA, 16mm

Transitions while longing for other places and people, like a fox on the run.

Story of the Dreaming Water - Chapter Two
Brittany Gravely, 3min, USA, 16mm

Maybe there was an opening, and they wandered through...

Marcy Saude, 10min, UK, 16mm

A few scenes from a lesser-known Grimm’s fairytale, transposed to the West Cumbrian landscape, quickly jettisoning half the story. A woman’s work and (mis)adventures; low-key folk magic and/ as squatting tactics; traces of process, misrecognition, ocean vistas, fells. “What we want is nice shit for everybody.”

The Space Between Two Figures
Rebecca Reynolds, 6min, USA, 16mm

Hidden tensions within an existing narrative are released as identical cousins transform the stereotype into the intense impulses of phantasmatic simulacra. Images from a B/W 1960’s TV sitcom are reshot and manipulated with in-camera effects & editing, onto age-fogged color negative film stock. Bolex, matte box, single frame advance/ rewind blu-ray player & monitor are utilized to create a mock optical printer. Excerpts from the writings of Pierre Klossowski, Gilles Deleuze, Marguerite Duras and Scott Durham are fashioned into a poem of sorts.

Luca Guo, 3min, USA, 16mm

16mm student experimental film

Interstices Volume II
Michelle Latimer/John Woods/Brian Kent Gotro/Kyle Whitehead, 9min, Canada, Super 8

Interstices is an ongoing series of 'exquisite corpse' films with the potential to continue indefinitely. The films are all in-camera double exposures each made on a 15 metre reel of Super 8 film in collaboration with another artist or filmmaker; the second exposure is made with no prior knowledge of the first, resulting in vignettes that are aleatoric collisions of two discrete perspectives.

When Man Encountered the Island
Laurids Andersen Sonne, 8min, Denmark, 16mm

When Man Encountered the Island, he realized that he was no more than a foil for something larger, beyond his own immediate environment, beyond his experiential realm.

2 PM – Safe Space: A Kitchen Sink Shorts Program, 40 min

Johnny Labelle music video
Karissa Hahn/Andrew Kim, 3min, USA, 16mm

Track 06

A Collection of Attempts In Astral Travel
Ryan Betschart/Rachel Nakawatase, 7min, USA, 16mm

In 1990 parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo, an expert in the study of astral projection and an accomplished oboe player, was murdered in his Northridge home. The crime remains unsolved. A fleeting glimpse into a world of vibrant colors and luscious curves. Images glide, swell, and envelop one another to a tempestuous original score of looped and delayed oboe and sonar pings. Shot and printed on 16mm.

An Eastardly Journey
Ben Popp, 10min, USA, Digital

A voyage into hidden places just behind nature's veil.

There Must Be a Safe Space to Load the Building Materials
Ryan Betschart, 4min, USA, Digital

Interpretation of a dream I had building a house with stock animation and Migos stuck in my head. Central to my dream was the worry: Is there a Safe Space to Load the Building Materials?? There must be.

Miraculous Aqueduct
David Finkelstein, 16min, USA, Digital

A poetic exploration of the sources of creativity. Do we take a scattershot approach to inspiration, throwing ideas out at random, to see which ones take root? Or can we plug directly into a never-ending source of new ideas, an effortless flow? Miraculous Aqueduct is a journey through an interior landscape filled with tarot cards, towers, and centurions; a collage of words, images and music, in which the film’s two narrators discover that acknowledging inner blocks is the key to overcoming them.

3 PM – Animation Attack!!! 51 Min

Beyond the Ball
Dana Sink, 4min, USA, Digital

Beyond the Ball is a visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

Fresh Green
Ida Greenberg, 5min, USA, Digital

In an empty bar, a lone patron plays a game of pool.

Chad Janusch, 12min, USA, Digital

An intoxicated bottle of bourbon, fearful of being recycled, relies on the ingenuity of his household appliance friends to devise an escape plan.

Fun More
Wally Chung, 1min, USA, Digital

A war of words leads to an epic standstill.

Dana Sink, 29min, USA, Digital

A man's reflection on life after experiencing the death of his grandmother.

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