MUFF 20 Years of Film FestivalsDATE: Saturday, May 26, 2018 starting @ 1pm

VENUE: Civic Club of Harrisburg


Scream queen Brinke Stevens

...of "Slumber Party Massacre", "Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity," "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama," and "Scream Queen Hot Tub Party" fame, directs and stars in the possibly-auto-biographical special-effects extravaganza that is "Personal Demons". ALSO, featuring scream queen Linnea Quigley of "Graduation Day" "Silent Night, Deadly Night", and "Return of the Living Dead".

Pandora’s party-girl lifestyle lands her in rehab… again. The actress becomes tabloid fodder, and producers are reluctant to hire her.
The sole role she’s offered is in a low-budget horror movie. When her aunt dies, Pandora inherits a Victorian mansion and retreats there to study her lines.
It seems that Aunt Elinor dabbled in magic, according to a local yokel. A mysterious incantation in the script unleashes a vengeful demon.
He’s hell-bent on seducing the not-so-innocent Pandora, who can resist everything but temptation. With the help of her dead aunt,
Pandora desperately fights for her sobriety, her sanity, and ultimately her very soul.


Ping Pong Boys
Svanhvit Tryggvadottir, 8min, Iceland, Digital

A short documentary about six foreign men that have ended up in Iceland, bound tightly through their partners and family there. They meet once a week to play table tennis where they share their experience of seeing Iceland through the eye’s of the outsider.

Adam Diller, 15min, USA, Digital

SAFSTOR contrasts the physical presence of the Three Mile Island power plant with the memories of local residents of the partial meltdown on March 28, 1979. The film explores archival materials and the contemporary landscape around the plant to provoke reflections on the unintended consequences of our infrastructure. The film leads the audience to consider what role nuclear power plants have in our lives, what the plants will become as they are decommissioned, and how our thinking has changed since the 1979 accident.

Scenes from a Visit
Neil Ira Needleman, 9min, USA, Digital

After being away for several months, a documentary filmmaker visits the remote home his aging parents bought. During the visit, he comes to realize that the years are catching up to his octogenarian father, an artist with a vivid imagination.

Ellis won't be Dancing Today
Pam Kuntz, Juliette Machado, 11min, USA, Digital

Ellis won’t be Dancing Today is a dance/theatre piece about one woman’s story of her husband and Alzheimer’s disease. This work was originally created as a live performance piece by Kuntz and Company for the Palliative Care Summer Institute in July 2014. Directors, Pam Kuntz and Juliette Machado collaborated to adapt the piece into a short film starring Jim Lortz and Marilyn Flint.


Flowing (for Naruse)
Ross Meckfessel, 2min, Japan/USA, 16mm

“The life of a flower is short Only bitter things are many” – Fumiko Hayashi
“If they don't see happiness in the picture at least they'll see the black” – Chris Marker Sans Soleil

Summer's Last Moons
Kathleen Rugh, 3min, USA, 16mm

As summer comes to an end, the moon reaches towards becoming full. Over three nights the moon is captured on film through in-camera editing and multiple exposures. The moons of different nights come together in the frame, to interact and play with one another, while official NASA sound recordings from space bring us closer.

Line in the Sand
Sandy McLennan, 5 min, Canada, Double 8

Double 8mm film, with its unique line down the middle, is used to reflect on divisions in thought, purpose, practice; in the world. Shot with lenses and a pinhole while visiting nearby lake access points, edited in-camera and variously hand-processed including a wash in the ice and sand of the spring-melt lake. Sound is synthesized digital scans of a depth map of the lake and of the film itself (the mid line like a vinyl record groove), mixed with location recordings. There is both a private and a public experience here. Dividing lines appear and wash away, and persist.

Look How Beautiful the Light Moves
Stefanie Weberhofer, 3min, Canada/Austria, Super 8

Fascinated by the wonderful Canadian autumn light, the filmmaker was inspired to create this visual exploration of the two fundamental elements of film: light and movement. “Look How Beautiful the Light Moves” is an attempt to remain in time rather than space.

Shot in a house in Montreal, the images capture different light situations in real time and time lapse using in-camera editing. The filmstrip of the Super8 cassette was hand-processed and remains unedited.

The title refers not just to the captured light movements, but to the moving light on the screen through the projector’s bulb and to the journey the original, unprinted light media made – from the house in Montreal into the projection booth of this screening room.

CAN/AT 2016 18fps Super8, color, silent Kodak Vision 3 500T, hand processed, cross-process, pushed

Your Darkness
Susan DeLeo, 5min, USA, Super 8

A lyrical journey with super 8mm film and sound. A stream of consciousness piece conceived from dark wanderings and trance-like states in and out of the western landscape.

Heading Due North
John Barlow, 6min, United Kingdom, 16mm

Shot on a 1940s 16mm camera, “Heading Due North” portrays a journey by overnight train from London to the mountain wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, and onwards by foot to the western shore of the Isle of Skye. Scrolling patterns of hazy night-time city lights melt into undulating snow-capped highland scenery bathed in the delicate light of northern winter. The rhythmic clatter of the train on the tracks is submerged by the burbling of flowing water, stone and gravel crunching beneath walking boots, wind drifting over exposed ground, and gentle waves sweeping onto a shingle beach. The fractured nature of the sequence, blending linear and non-linear elements, and with its sometimes overlapping images and sounds, reflects how our recollections of long distance, physically tiring journeys often comprise disjointed and blurred memories of experiences.

Josephine Massarella, 7min, Canada, 16mm

Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using single frame photography, 165708 employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to produce an eidetic study of temporal elasticity. Techniques include flicker, time-lapse, light painting, stop motion, tinting, and toning. Combined with cycles of alternating exposed frames, these methods imbue the work with a rhythmic magnetism, apparent both in the tempo and the aesthetic of the images. Exploring the capacity of the medium to express various notions of time, the film begins with a woman looking out from the shoreline. This acts as a point of departure to disparate yet interconnected sequences, which prompt the viewer to engage in a structurally unique mode of inquiry and experience.

A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film.

Famous for Nothing
Taryn Ward, 2min, United States, Super 8

"Famous For Nothing" is a visual response to our social obsession with famed individuals who hold undeserved celebrity status. Through the frantic, paparazzi-like use of a Super 8 camera, this film attempts to photograph celebrities that don't exist.

Film Loop 31: Shisendo
Michael Lyons, 2min, Japan, 16mm

Photographed on 16mm film at Shisendo temple in northeast Kyoto and hand-developed using matcha (powdered green tea). The soundtrack is an excerpt from 'Eunoia' by Stefano de Ponti and Elia Moretti recorded in Torino, Italy. Images from the Film Loop Series were used in studio during the recording of this track.

Mireille Heidbreder, 2min, USA, Digital

Elisir is a short experimental film, which depicts the anxiety and tension surrounding the uncertainties of what is to come in our respective lives.


Ryan Wicks, 2min, USA, Digital

Soaring through nostalgic computer screensavers as an off-screen narrator warns about the dangers of the meat packing industry.

Steven Lapcevic, 6min, USA, Digital

A reliable glut of misinformation.

Towards the Experimental Control of Dreaming
Ryan Betschart, 2min, USA, Digital

A visual prose poem on a missed encounter during a brief period of altered states of consciousness. The "Monroe Techniques" of outer body travel can be found in Robert Monroe's 1971 book “Journeys out of the Body”, or summarized in D Scott Rogo's “Leaving The Body” (1986). The title "Towards the Experimental Control of Dreaming" is taken from a chapter in a book of essays collected by Professor Charles T. Tart called “Altered States of Consciousness” (1961) The footage glitched from Dario Argento's “Susperia” (1977).

anexperimentalviralvlog - the movie remix #1
Vasco Diogo, 13min, Portugal, Digital

A unique short experimental remix of 15 vlog episodes, originally posted on youtube, based upon a reflection on identity, manipulation, truth and beauty, that blurs popular influences with performance video and video art processes and ideas. Self-representation document made with a DIY spirit and an urge to work on basic communication principles, such as the confrontation between the artist and the viewer and speech awareness. The audiovisual manipulations function mainly as an expression of repressed emotions in the context of a confessional aesthetics.

This is a remixed version of the original video: "anexperimentalviralvlog the movie", 2015, which continuous to be the first autonomous work that appropriates the material I posted on my youtube vlog.

Recording Device
David Finkelstein, 25min, USA, Digital

A poetic exploration of the ways we store our memories. A collage of words, images and music, showing how we scratch and etch our impressions onto paper, film, vinyl and other media, shaping our view of the world. A journey through an interior landscape filled with snakes, saxophones, pyramids, the film’s two narrators explore the effects of stored memories, both corrosive and illuminating.

4:00 PM - TALES FROM ZABLAH: Analogue Atmosphere & Horror Shorts

Aura of Uncertainty
Ryan Marino, 6min, USA, 16mm

Ominous passages of time and light provide a fleeting glimpse into the unknown. --------- An exploration of the mystery film that investigates the atmospheric and the ominous. Composed of the peripheral moments that often surround or seek to complement the action of a traditional narrative, the film builds upon an overall sense of uncertainty while exploring the perceptions of a mystery told in light and tone.

Christopher Spencer-Lowe, 5min, Canada, Super 8

Chaos is incarnated as Aleatoria, the goddess of chance. Created through aleatoric and random processes, including randomizing images and decision making, using social networking to create shotlists and cameras set up in random locations and spun on constructed wheel mounts.

Rachel Nakawatase, Ryan Betschart, 4min, USA, 16mm

A fever dream of anti-boomer angst told through disjointed and aggressive sound, picture and edit; Zablah demon baby boomer seeks to convince a millennial that eating at Applebee's is a worthwhile experience. 16mm optical track hum and tonal pops are layered over pop music and the satanic mass vinyl along with gritty images shot on dirty Agfachrome color reversal stock of a young person with a demon eating soup.

The Collector
Matthew von Dayton, 3min, USA, Super 8

The solitary life of a post-apocalyptic scavenger searching for organic matter in the perpetual soak of a coastal woodland.

Out Back, Behind the Shrubs
Kyle Mangione-Smith, 3min, USA, 16mm

An experimental horror film following a group of masked figures through a world unknown.

Ayaka Furukawa, 3min, USA, 16mm

Girl A sneaks out of her repressive town and meets Girl B, who opens her eyes to the world around her. After that magical night Girl A decides to leave the town she’s always know to be with someone she truly loves.

Carmelo Zucco, 6min, Canada, Super 8

Isolamento is a grand culmination of the themes: isolation, fear, beauty, gluttony, assimilation, environment and sexuality, merged into one great stream of consciousness; an ever-changing zoetrope of scenes flowing from one to another.

At its heart is a mother who feels like she’s enabling her son’s mental illness with any action she takes, driving him further into darkness. A father who grinds away at a life that has him on his knees. He yearns for the way out, wishing to return to a more natural way of life. A son who’s so fed up with the world he wants to simply end it all in flames, regardless of the pain it would cause those closest to him.

This absurd reality is cradled by the plights of other people, caught in their own struggles; both aware and oblivious to the bubble they’ve put themselves in. Some will struggle against it and some are perfectly content to stay within it. A symbolic farce of the human condition, which embraces the question… What is this all for anyway?

Marinah Janello, 15min, USA, 16mm

Loneliness and an obsession with vanity have pushed one woman to take unconventional measures to find happiness. After her daily beauty regimen she decides to perform more drastic procedures on her body, which trigger her inner thoughts to drive her mad. She finally leaves her home to venture into the outside world only to find more sadistic ways to enhance her beauty regimen.

Symbols of birth, death and rebirth grace the film and ask the audience to ponder the question: How far would you go to turn back time?

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