ruminationsDATE: Saturday May 26, 2018 @ 8pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema

RUMINATIONS - A feature Documentary Film

Playing with two short films:

"The Paintings Paint Themselves"

James Hollenbaugh, 6min, USA, Super 8
For the past 20 years, New York based, self-taught artist Bill Mayer has been creating an exuberant and startling body of work that captures the gritty street life of pre-Bloomberg New York City and reimagines classical painting genres inspired by lifelong visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mayer invites us to his studio—housed inside a 200-year old hotel in Davenport New York—for an intimate look at his art as formal practice, expressive therapy and a way to create the worlds he wants to see.

"1st Day and Next Minute"

 Sara Koppel, 3min, Denmark, Digital
A new animated micro-short film by Sara Koppel/Naked Love Film. A rush adventure into a gender-fluid persons zone of desires where lust & responsibility are constant dividing & demanding needs.


Ruminations follows Rumi Missabu, the iconoclast cofounder of San Francisco's infamous Cockettes. Through archive footage, animation and new interviews with stars from SF's queer art past, his lurid tales in and out of the spotlight are revealed as he reinvents himself at the end of his life.

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