VENUE: Civic Club of Harrisburg

Sunday, May 28th 11:45 AM – “Panoramic Meditations”

Josh Weissbach, Ireland/USA – 7 Minutes, 16mm

The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves
Toby Tatum, UK – 10 Minutes, Digital

Ben Popp, USA – 10 Minutes, Super 16mm

Shadows of Summer
Jason Younkman, USA – 12 Minutes, Newvicon VHS

way of the gods
Lorenzo Gattorna, USA/Hong Kong/Japan/Taiwan – 10 Minutes, Super 8/35mm Stills

Sunday, May 28th 12:45 PM – “State of Unease”

Steven Lapcevic, USA – 4 Minutes, Digital Animation

Participate in My Relaxed State
Katya Yakubov, USA – 20 Minutes, Digital

Mary Billyou, USA – 12 Minutes, 16mm

S.Buse Yildirim, Turkey – 17 Minutes, Digital

Sunday, May 28th 1:45 PM– “Body Politick”

Girl Becomes Snow
Ryan & Tyler Betschart, USA – 7 Minutes, VHS

Adam Sekuler & Shannon Stewart, USA – 3 Minutes, Super 8

Broken Tongue
Mónica Savirón, Spain – 3 Minutes, 16mm

I Am Learning to Abandon the World
A Moon, USA – 10 Minutes, 16mm (Silent)

Ruines du temps (Ruins of Time)
Mathieu Peteul, France – 9 Minutes, Super 16mm

Blue Movie
Michael Morris, USA – 7 Minutes, 16mm

Body Contours
Kristin Reeves, USA – 6 Minutes, Found Film via Analogue Video

Adam Sekuler/Shannon Stewart/Angelle Hebert, USA – 4 Minutes, 16mm

Sunday, May 28th 3:00 PM – “I Cannot Tell You How I Feel”

East, West, and East Again
Kathleen Rugh, USA – 10 Minutes, 16mm

T is for Turnip
Kiera Faber, USA – 3 Minutes, 16mm/hand painted

Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Iran/Ireland – 4 minutes, Super 8

I Cannot Tell You How I Feel
Su Friedrich, USA – 42 Minutes, Digital

Sunday, May 28th 04:15 PM – Harrisburg-Based Filmmakers

Dana Sink – 2 Minutes, Digital Animation

Creatures of Habit
Josh Drake – 2 Minutes, Super 8

Death / Destruction / Some Other Terrible Fate
Jeremy Moss – 9 minutes, Digital

Sand Hills
Amanda Berg – 5 Minutes, Digital

Nate Smith – 4 Minutes, Digital

Divided Highway
Zachary Reese & Dustin Stuppy – 10 Minutes, 16mm

Swine Infection - Black Metal Forest Ham
Tom Richards – 6 Minutes, Digital

Caleb Smith – 17 Minutes, Digital

Call Me Ray
James Hollenbaugh – 12 Minutes, Digital

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