VENUE: Civic Club of Harrisburg

Saturday, May 27th 11:45 AM – “Provincial Journeys”

Damon Mohl, USA – 7 Minutes, Digital

What Comes From a Swamp
Tyler Macri, USA – 17 Minutes, 16mm

Restricted Vision
Jonny Cola & Jez Leather, UK - 15 Minutes, Digital

From the Dizziness of Freedom: The Philosophy Vessel
Melissa Ferrari, USA - 7 minutes, Digital Animation

Saturday, May 27th 12:40 PM – “Spatial Surveys”

From Brooklyn Ave to South Broadway
Brenda Contreras, USA – 7 Minutes, Mixed Media (16mm, Super8, 4K Drone)

The Baths
Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen, UK – 13 Minutes, Digital Video

Methane Ghosts
William Randall, USA – 9 Minutes, Digital

Shape of a Surface
Nazli Dincel, Turkey – 9 Minutes, 16mm

CPS Closings & Delays
Kristin Reeves, USA – 6 Minutes, 16mm/Digital

What is it Really?
Ronni Thomas, Germany/USA – 5 Minutes, Digital

Saturday, May 27th 1:35 PM – “Annals of Vitality”

Taryn Ward, USA – 2 Minutes, Super 8

Deux Champs (Two Fields)
Kevin Obsatz, USA – 8 Minutes, 16mm

All The Leaves Are Brown
Daniel Robin, USA – 11 Minutes, Super 8

Christopher & Harley Spencer-Lowe, Canada – 13 Minutes, Super 8

Lingua Absentia
Kate Raney & Jeremy Bessoff, USA – 10 Minutes, Digital Animation

38 River Road
Josh Weissbach, USA – 7 Minutes, 16mm/Super 8

Answer Print
Mónica Savirón, Spain – 5 Minutes, 16mm

Saturday, May 27th 2:45 PM – “Soundings of Celluloid”

Emulsion Entr’acte; intermission
Karissa Hahn, USA – 4 Minutes, Super 8/16mm

Taryn Ward, USA – 2 Minutes, Digital Video

Everything Turns...
Aaron Zeghers, Canada – 12 Minutes, Super 8

Harbour City
Simon Liu, Hong Kong – 14 Minutes, 16mm Double-projection (Silent)

Membrana Mortis (Dead Film)
Kyle Whitehead, Canada – 5 Minutes, Super 8

Michael Lyons, Japan – 3 Minutes, Super 8

Passenger Fantasy
Neil Needleman, USA – 7 Minutes, Digital/Repurposed (Silent)

Richard Prince Gets All the Girls
Andrew Filippone Jr, USA – 6 Minutes – Digital/Repurposed

Saturday, May 27th 4:00 PM – “Syndicate”

Message from my Centenarian
Georg Koszulinski, USA – 8 Minutes, Super 8/Found Footage

The Love of Parasites
Marie Nicholson, USA – 3 Minutes, Animation

Vasilios Papaioannu, Greece/USA – 3 Minutes, Digital

The Sacred Mushroom Edition (For Kenneth Anger, by way of Kuchar)
Ryan Betschart, USA – 4 Minutes, 16mm

News from the Sun
Brendan & Jeremy Smyth, USA – 4 Minutes, 16mm

Ryan Wicks, USA – 60 Minutes, Digital

Annual Film Festival Update!

Due to the continuance of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the prevalence of the Delta variant in our area, we have decided to push the festival back to May of 2022, in the hopes of starting up again with fully in-person programs. We have extended our submission deadline, so please use the link below to submit your entry 

Thanks for your understanding. More updates to come. Stay safe.


Include Your Movie In The 23rd Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival ~ MAY 2022

Any original films from any time are accepted.

Attending filmmakers receive discounted hotel rates and admission to all events including any special speaking engagements or award ceremonies.

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