Moviate Underground 18th Annual Film FestivalSpecial Friday Night Kickoff Event


In Person Filmmaker Event
With Livia Ungur & Sherng-Lee Huang

Friday May 27, 2016
Midtown Cinema (Harrisburg, PA)

We are happy and excited to kick off this years festival with a brand new feature film from New York based filmmakers Livia Ungur and Sherng-Lee Huang. "HOTEL DALLAS" premiered at this years Berlin International Film Festival and has been garning great reviews around the world.

HOTEL DALLAS, a Romanian-American feature film that combines fiction and documentary, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, as part of the Panorama Dokumente program (February 2016).

In the 80s, in the twilight of communist Romania, "Dallas" is the only American show allowed on TV. It offers a vision of wealth and glamour that captures the imagination of millions. Among them are Ilie and his daughter Livia. He is a small-time criminal and aspiring capitalist; she is in love with the show’s handsome leading man, Patrick Duffy. After communism falls, Ilie builds the Hotel Dallas, a life-size copy of the “Dallas” mansion. Livia immigrates to America, becomes a filmmaker, and directs a
movie starring Patrick Duffy, as a soap opera character who dies in Texas and wakes up in Romania, in a hotel that looks just like home.

Livia guides her childhood idol on a genre-bending road trip across a Romanian dreamscape—through the failed utopias of communism and capitalism, into a realm of ghosts and lost time.

* Shown with Margaret Orr's Short Film, Mer Depré - 6 minutes