BEST LOCAL PRODUCTION: "The Lost Realities of Hog Caller" by Tom Richards

HONORABLE MENTION: "S T R E T C H" by Arturo Cubacub and Sarah Weis



aff13Date: 05.27.2011 10:00pm
STAGE ON HERR, Midtown Cinema

The 13th Annual Artsfest Film Festival SCHEDULE

Friday May 27th, 10PM

At The MIDTOWN CINEMA, 250 Reily St. Harrisburg

“Stranger Than Paradise" by Jim Jarmusch shown on 35mm film!

Saturday May 28th, 11AM-5PM

at OPEN STAGE of Harrisburg, Court St. & Walnut St Garage, Ground Floor, Harrisburg

11AM – Quirky and Offbeat Narratives

"Haze for Days" by Lindsay Kovnat (5m, U S A, 2011) -Haze for Days is a colorful blend of traditional hand drawn animation, clay animation, and stop motion animation (utilizing materials such as glitter, paper cut outs, custom created sculptures, yarn, and seashells.)

"5 Minutes Each" by Vojin Vasovic (10m, Canada, Serbia/Montenegro, 2011) -5 Minutes Each is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight. A tale about an upswing and downfall, with the climax appearing concurrently and unexpectedly. The hermetical life of artists, who are enclosed into their own world of ideas, striving to create the epochal masterpiece. Even if they succeed, the image they create is the reflection of themselves. And with the same fervor, they repeat the process in endless cycles.

"Warriors of Jinnea" by Jonathan Zeppa (15m, USA, 2011) -local production!

"Slothman" by Daniel Hymanson (11m, U S A, 2011) -A boy imagines he a superhero called Slothman. Strange and surreal undertones of pro-basketball heroes and childhood dreaming.

"Ant Love" directed by Yong Jin Kim (7m, Canada, South Korea, 2011) -One mundane morning there is an uninvited guest that crawls into the man's room. The man realizes that it is an ant. As he sees the ant begging to play with him, he is reincarnated. He feels elated by the value of the small object and decides to plant it inside him.

12PM – Experimental Shorts

"Format" by Christine Lucy Latimer (4m, Canada, 2010) -In one long take, I shoot super 8 footage of a nudie film that is projected both on the wall, and within the LCD screen of a digital video camera. A film of a film of a video of a film ensues. (Commissioned by The Images Festival and The One-Take Super-8 Project).

"Focus" by Christine Lucy Latimer (2m, Canada, 2009) -Using glue and 16mm splicing tape, I place over 1500 individual super 8 film frames from a decimated home movie one-by-one on to clear 16mm film. The resulting floating film-within-a-film becomes a jarring landscape that prioritizes the structure of the super 8 frame over its photographic contents. (Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society and Gallery 44 Center for Contemporary Photography).

"Slow Fall" by Neil Ira Needleman (5m, U S A, 2011) -Autumn is a particularly enthralling time of year for my eyes. The sky can be deep blue one day and cool, hazy gray the next. On any given day, the trees can range in color from blazing orange to deep crimson to bright green to screaming yellow. I have attempted to include all those colors in this video, as well as quivering rhythms that flow over branches and leaves like a soft autumn wind. How rapturous it is to see and sense every season of the year!

"VAN GOGH'S GARDEN" by Warren Bass (3m, PA/U S A, 2011) -VAN GOGH'S GARDEN is an experimental animation exploring the details of a landscape through a post impressionist eye. Its graphics are based on Van Gogh's palette and his technique of juxtaposing complementary colors.

"Fruit Flies" by Christine Lucy Latimer (2m, Canada, 2010) -This film seals under perforated 16mm splicing tape all of the fruit flies that drowned in the vinegar trap on my kitchen counter last summer.

"Home Free" by Paul Oakes (3m, U S A, 2010) -What does freedom really mean? Combining silent film techniques with footage collected over 5 years & a musical score by Craig Dayton. A portrayal of memory and questions as late one night, a young man explores his deep loneliness.

"Fever Dream" by Kevin Vogrin (7m, U S A, 2011) -During a fever dream, a lost girl journeys to a dream like land, where she is haunted by winter festivities.

"Memento Mori" by Scott Klinger (13m, Italy, U S A, 2010) -A woman journeys to the ocean through a burned post-apocalyptic landscape, in which she is the only survivor. Along the journey she reflect on banal moments and recollections from the time before the catastrophe.

"Winged" by Jennifer Hardacker (3m, U S A, 2010) -Her horoscope quoted from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca: 'His heart was growing full of broken wings and artificial flowers. In his mouth, just one small word was left.' The horoscope assured her that her mouth would soon be full of vivid words. In this experimental short film, the filmmaker expresses her concern about her ability to protect her two young sons during a time of emotional upheaval.

"Cloud and Bird" by Bridget Riversmith (2m, U S A, 2010) -Inspired by the music of Bill Reichelt and a haiku by Matsuo Basho, Cloud and Bird is an animated short by self-taught artist and animator, Bridget Riversmith. Basho was a master poet of the Edo period in Japan who renounced privilege and urban culture to wander in the wilderness. He reflected the world around him, distilling moments with clarity, brevity and humor into haiku.

"Birds At Night (Might Fall)" by Bridget Riversmith (2m, U S A, 2007) -Beyond long tunnels and bright white lights, where does consciousness go? A boy and girl ('Clumsy Girl and I') are fast asleep and dreaming as their car plummets over a cliff to the sea. Airborne, they sprout wings, encounter a flickering red cameo leopard, and are tossed over the waves by their dissipating 'Other Voices' (anxieties). This animated short illustrates a curious dreamlike bossa nova by composer, Bill Reichelt.

"Deux Petits Bateaux" by Kate Raney (3m, U S A, 2010) -Cut-out animation of two kids on a sailing trip who embark on an underwater adventure when their phonograph falls overboard. A dancing fish/people extravaganza featuring music by Chicago band Mar Caribe.

1PM – Film as Personal Art

"Winter's Veil" by Eva Lee (8m, U S A, 2007) -Inspired by particles and other wanderers, this 2D and 3D abstract animation in black-and-white is a journey through imaginary microscopic and cosmic events.

"When My Eyes are Closed" by Jon Perez (7m, U S A, 2011) -A handmade pinhole lens and a digital camera capture a series of vignettes of an unlikely love triangle that takes place over the course of a Florida summer.

"Don't Look Directly Into The Sun" by Kathleen Rugh (9m, U S A, 2010, 16mm) -Sunlight is abstracted and accentuated through alchemy. Through a pinhole lens, then hand-processed and toned, this film chases sunlight through its reflections in water and glass and streaming through branches and clouds.

"The Garden" by Ann Steuernagel (10m, U S A, 2010) -Thoughts on climate change. A three-part, recycled experimental video.

"Contra el cine" by Alberto Cabrera Bernal (10m, Spain, 2010) -An aggression to narrative cinema, that shows those instances when actors turn their backs to the camera, refusing the spectator's gaze. Constructed on the avoidance of storytelling, the film does not move forward until its last sequence, in which the public discovers the menace that comes from the screen.

2PM – Dark Narrative Explorations

"The Grave" by Alexander Monelli (13m, U S A, 2009) -In 1849, a grave digger discovers someone may have been buried alive in his cemetery.

"Carny" by Kevin Lonano/Robot Hand (11m, USA, 2010) -As with passion plays, carnival scenes are simultaneously divine and nightmarish. The Psycho-Fugue-Circus punisheth the wicked according to her wickedness.

"108.1 FM Radio" by Giuseppe Capasso and Angela Capasso (15m, Italy, 2011) -A driver, a hitchhiker and a radio program. A night trip between suspicion and paranoia.

"Beating Hearts" by Matthew Garrett (11m, USA, 2010) -A sickening twist on the "Killer Child" sub-genre. Winner of the Director's Choice Award for Best Short- Boston Underground Film Festival

3PM – People with People (it's all about love and belonging)

"50 Years Ago Today" by Maria Biber-Ferro (6m, U S A, 2009) -On an afternoon picnic, a woman discovers her husband of 50 years has loved her the entire time after an internal retelling of her 50 year emotional journey.

"Two" by Ryan Gielen (17m, U S A, 2010) -Sara has two vaginas. She's never been intimate with anyone... except her pillow. But when love peeks through her window (literally), Sara will find the courage to reveal herself. As edgy as it is moving, 'Two' weaves a poignant tale about finding love and being loved for who you truly are.

"God of Love" by Luke Metheny (18m, USA, 2010) –A lounge singing dart throwing hopeless romantic gets his wish with a ‘sent from above’ package yielding love darts. Academy Award winner for Best Short Film.

"A Time Shared Unlimited" by Zachary Epcar (10m, Czech Republic, U S A, 2010) -Leisure activity in a near-future nearly passed. Moments in time shared, spared, or spent alone; a little something for everyone, from the stay-at-homers to the always-on-the-goers.

4PM –“STORY FINDERS” WORKSHOP with director, writer, actor L.M. KIT CARSON

-A free workshop on how to use your cell phone video mode to capture and create interesting documentaries. Follow L.M. Kit Carson as he shows you the steps in making compelling and stunning videos. His current series of diary films from Africa is seen on the Sundance Channel.

8PM Awards/Meet & Greet Reception at Moviate, 1306 n. 3rd st. Harrisburg

10PM at The MIDTOWN CINEMA, 250 Reily St. Harrisburg

"DAVID HOLZMAN'S DIARY" to be introduced by starring actor L.M. Kit Carson

MIDNIGHT... at The MIDTOWN CINEMA, 250 Reily St. Harrisburg


-"It has been said that Hausu is like Beetlejuice as directed by Dario Argento, only about ten times better than that would be. While this description is admittedly vague, it's hard to think of one that comes any closer to being satisfactory. Nobuhiko Obayashi's film defies comparison, seamlessly blending comedy, horror, and gorgeous visuals in a way that really must be witnessed in order to be appreciated."

Sunday May 29th

At OPEN STAGE of Harrisburg, Court St. and Walnut St. Garage, Harrisburg

11AM – Poetic Findings

"Intimations" by Dorn Hetzel and Marty Camden (10m, U S A, 2011) -Filmed on the island of Oland, and the coast of Sweden ,during the long mid-summer days. An exploration of an inward journey through time and memory; a longing for the faint echoes of light and shadow that are left behind us.

"Split Bowles" by Gary Adlestein and Jerry Orr (18m, Reading, PA, 2010) -based upon a Paul Bowles short story of tragedy and loss, this short story was edited in isolated areas, and put together to create a unique vision.

"The Sower Arepo as Works a Wheel" by Marcy Saude (28m, U S A, 2011) -The Sower Arepo as Works a Wheel is an experimental film in which different modes of witness and enactment are used to explore three different non-fiction story spaces, pushing at the boundaries of documentary practice and combining to form a film composed of distinct parts that are, in a sense, their own films, but which combine so that each subject and mode influences the context and reading of each other.

12PM – Docs and One Mock

"Preludio" (from Italy, Super-8, in-camera editing)

"A City Symphony Underground" by Catherine Stratton (13m, U S A, 2011) -Be swept up on a magical journey on the New York City Subway, never knowing what you will see next. This musical 'tone poem' uses archival and present day scenes to create a movable feast of sights and sounds unique to this underground New York City icon.

"Sound Between Lines: Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra" by Jason Middleton (18m, U S A, 2010) -'Sound Between Lines' explores the art of soundpainting, a sign language for structured improvisation created by composer Walter Thompson for musicians, actors, dancers, poets, and visual artists. A collaboration with North Carolina's Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra, the film draws viewers into the creative process and demonstrates elements of the soundpainting language.

"The Death of Johnny Forceps" by Timothy David Orme (5m, U S A, 2011) -When the town myth dies, police interview people who knew him to try to paint the picture of his life.

"This is a Short Movie Because I Don't Like to Wallow in Self Pity" by Neil Ira Needleman (3m, U S A, 2011) -This is a short movie, so these notes are correspondingly short. Suffice it to say that this sad little movie says everything that I have to say about depression and thoughts of suicide.

"Being the Diablo" by Rod Murphy (61m, Mexico, U S A, 2010) -Crippled with bipolar disorder, Mickey Mahaffey, a Baptist preacher abandons his family and faith to search for mental and physical healing, and for the strength and honesty needed to repair the wounds left behind in the wake of his childhood. During 12 years of long distance walking, sleeping outside in the wilderness and on the streets among the homeless, Mahaffey thinks he’s found a way to cope with what ails him --living a simple life in direct contact with nature.

2PM – "Freaks in Love: A Quarter Century in Underground Rock With Alice Donut"

By David Koslowski & Skizz Cyzyk (Skizz in-person!) (98m, USA, 2011) -FREAKS IN LOVE documents the 25 year career of the seminal psychedelic-punk band Alice Donut. From it's humble beginnings to just play a gig at CBGBs to signing to Alternative Tentacles to performing at Reading Festival and touring with Blind Melon. Through its ups and downs the band has remained friends and created some of the underground's most compelling music. This is also the story of many bands from the late '80s/early '90s when getting in a van and touring the country was all one could ask for, when free beer and pizza were a luxury and then it blew out of proportion with one band, Nirvana. Jello Biafra, Curt Kirkwood of Meat Puppets, producer Martin Bisi, music industry insiders and the band tell the story of how Alice Donut has been able to 'Freak Freely' by just doing it for themselves for 25 Years and counting.

4PM – "Captured"

Documentary presented by Clayton Patterson (In-Person) (93m, USA, 2008) -Since 1979 Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to documenting the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City's Lower East Side, a neighborhood famed for art, music and revolutionary minds.

Traversing the outside edge he's recorded a dark and colorful society, from drag, hardcore, heroin, homelessness, political chaos and ultimately gentrification. His odyssey from voyeur to provocateur reveals that it can take losing everything you love to find your own significance.

"Wonderful film, it goes beyond" —Albert Maysles

"Makes you feel like you're in the glory days of yesteryear... A raucous good time." —Chloë Sevigny

Sunday May 29th "AFTER HOURS" (at Moviate 1306 n. 3rd St. Harrisburg)


"8 Bit Ghost Hop" by Brian Lonano/ROBOT HAND, (2m, USA, 2010). -A mysterious signal from the moon summons strange ghosts.

"B-17: A Mini-Epic" by Arturo Cubacub and Sarah Weis (36m, U S A, 2006) -Sarah and Yumi are top-secret sex slaves for a high-ranking government official. They spend their days in a bizarre play-pen/torture chamber/slave-labor station, where they produce pro-war polo shirts by hand and live in constant fear.

"The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own" by Keith Chester (71m, U S A, 2010) -From 1984 through 1990, The Skeptics hit the music scene with a blend of original surf, punk, pop, and psychedelic tunes. Thanks to the efforts of their manager, The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own captures a glimpse into one of Frederick, Maryland's best unknown bands.


"Martian Precursor" by Brian Lonano of Robot Hand (1m, USA, 2010) -A homeless man is tormented by transmissions from the Planet Mars.

"James, recently" by Fernando Ruiz (8m, UK, 2011) -James is not well - physically or mentally. Recently he has transformed from a confident and outgoing individual into somebody withdrawn and timid. He is also coughing up blood. Lots of blood. Having lost interest in both his work and social life and getting sicker by the day, his thoughts have become fixated on one thing - the beautiful woman he has taken to spying on each night.

"S T R E T C H" by Arturo Cubacub and Sarah Weis (4m, U S A, 2009) -This short subject piece is a sensual representation of an internal transformation process catalyzed by the separation from one's identity. Featuring the electronic ballad, 'S T R E T C H' by Sarah Weis.

"The Lost Realities of Hog Caller" by Tom Richards (95m, U S A, 2011) -Award winning reporter Skip Jenkins from Community News takes a journey into the Three Mile Island afflicted lands of Middletown, PA searching for the hard to find grindcore band Hog Caller. The resulting docu/mockumentary, interspersed with Hog Caller's nightmarish realities, contaminated music videos and toxic lyrics, candidly follows a reporter, a cast of locals and an elusive band towards crisis, confusion, and more questions than answers.

Monday May 30th

At OPEN STAGE of Harrisburg, Court St. & Walnut St. Garage, Harrisburg


"MORTEM" by Eric Atlan (94m, France, 2011) -MORTEM is a PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER : the story of a young woman who defies her own death. (in french with English Subtitles)

1PM – Nostalgia Narratives: Pennsylvania Pride...

"Bricks" by Adrian Selkowitz (18m, U S A, 2011) - A lonely recycling plant worker receives a mysterious letter that sends him down an uncomfortable path of self discovery. This dark comedy is a love letter to the urban decay of the rust belt and to the good people who struggle on in the midst of a waning Empire. -Shot in Harrisburg, PA.

"Little Horses" by Levi Abrino (18m, U S A, 2011) -Little Horses is a bittersweet comedy about a divorced small town postal worker, Dave, who tries to win his family back by getting his son a pony for his 8th birthday. The only pony Dave can afford is a blind, deaf one--which he keeps hidden in a shed behind his trailer.

"Rachel & Diana" by Dave Janetta (76m, U S A, 2010) -When an old camera and a box of aging photographs arrive in the mail, 22-year-old Rachel embarks on a cross-country search for direction. As the life she knows melts away in her rear-view mirror, she explores her past through the lens of her dead father’s camera.


"Land der Kinder" by Michael Zechmann (43m, Austria, 2010) -Uganda is a country of young people. 50% of the population is under 15 years. Most of the parents die because of AIDS. That's why grandparents or the oldest child take care of the young ones. Families headed by children are very common in Uganda. Herman is 17 years old. Since his father died years ago, and his mother passed away two months ago, he is the head of the family. He takes care of his 5 and 7 year old siblings. Stories like this make this movie a very unique and authentic experience.


"BEATBOXING - THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP" by Klaus Schneyder (55m, U S A, 2011) -It was in the late 70s that a youth culture evolved in the poorer parts of New York which combined several disciplines under the name of Hip Hop. Apart from the four classic elements of Graffiti writing, DJing, Breakdancing, and Rapping, the musical side of this culture was enhanced by a fifth element called 'Beatboxing'. From the hardship of poverty and the lack of instruments, a pioneer was inspired to imitate drum rhythms with his mouth - his brilliance creating the term 'Human Beatbox'. The documentary integrally covers a variety of musical technical abilities. Beatboxing has become a multilingual and diverse instrument applied in all genres of music. The documentary shows how this modern style of music has spread and how it continues to enrich the entertainment world.

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