Moviate Artsfest Film Festival 2013 Color Poster 1200pxSUNDAY MAY 26th, 2013: Civic Club of Harrisburg, Front St. Harrisburg, PA 17101 (11am-6pm)

11AM: Re-memory (docs and films looking back at life and memories)

“The Joke That Is My Life” by Neil Needleman (11 minutes) -When I was a kid, my parents shlepped me up to the Borscht Belt (New York's Catskill Mountains) every summer. It was up there, watching the hack stand-up comedians in the hotel nightclubs, that my sense of humor was forged. Those entertainers gave me my first hint that life needn't be a totally serious affair. The lessons I learned at those resorts were reinforced by the endless parade of comedians and impersonators I watched daily on the old black-and-white TV we had in our Brooklyn apartment. All this explains why I now have a seemingly endless supply of jokes, gags, and funny stories. And why I resort to telling them when I have nothing significant to say. Which is most of the time.

“In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter” by Tomas Leach (75 minutes) -'I believe there is such a thing as a search for beauty'Saul Leiter could have been lauded as the great the pioneer of color photography, but was never driven by the lure of success. Instead he preferred to drink coffee and photograph in his own way, amassing an archive of beautiful work that is now piled high in his New York apartment. An intimate and personal film, In No Great Hurry follows Saul as he deals with the triple burden of clearing an apartment full of memories, becoming world famous in his 80's and fending off a pesky filmmaker.

“The Sum Total of Our Memory (v.2)” by Barbara Klutinis (30 minutes) -An ode to memory: Couples affected by a recent diagnosis of Early Alzheimer's come to terms with their changing roles.

1PM: FUN NOT FUN (Short Narratives)

“Fun World” by Daniel Watkins (13 minutes) -People enter and exit our lives; some with consequence and some without. Memory is all we have to give context to the present, and as such our histories are ever evolving -- given to time not space.

“A Short Film on Conformity” by Matt Willis-Jones (10 minutes) -We are all guilty of conforming and expecting others to conform to our standards. To the one who is outside our values, it will always be an US vs THEM situation, something invisible coming between the two. There are some clubs you cannot be a member of, even if you thought you already were. Carl has reached a point in his relationship with his colleagues where there must now be a change...

“The Garden of Steven” by Nick Fitzhugh (24 minutes) -Steven Crosby, a small town missionary in a strange land stumbles upon the lowest road to salvation with the help of a little Mayan girl, a black magic woman, and a saint with a cigar.

2PM – DEPROGRAM/REPROGRAM (experimental/avant-garde/art)

“Rickrack Foxtrot” by Meisa Chase and Victoria Brobst (4 minutes) -Post-Nuclear tale of anthropomorphic animals frolicking like you've never see it before! Will they do it rough in the buff or grab the balls by the scruff?

“A Charming & Quaint Tale of Brutal Revenge” by Neil Needleman (8 minutes) -Behind the charming, quaint, pastoral veneer of this tale lurks a psychodrama about my fear of being considered unemployable because of my age. This story was inspired by true events: The loss of the dog food account that kept me gainfully employed at the ad agency for 5 years.

“Hex Suffice Cache Ten” by Thorsten Fleisch (13 minutes) -An exploration of cinematic space within an implosion of cerebral space.

“SPACE DRACULA” by Kevin Lonano (7 minutes) -Captain Harker travels to a distant world to answer a mysterious distress signal.

“Marshy Place Across” by Lorenzo Gattorna (5 minutes) -The title signifies the Native American name for Assateague Island, a national seashore and natural landmark located off the coast of Maryland. A passive bay and pristine beach compose the barriers of this subtle yet stunning passage. Distractions amongst the dunes awaken development of the ecological and departure of the artificial. The film culminates in close proximity to a small band of feral horses that share a common territory and domesticated ancestry.

“Mountain Lying Down” by Lorenzo Gattorna (3 minutes) -The title signifies the Native American name for the Grand Canyon, a massive gorge in the state of Arizona and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Turbulence and tranquility gain exposure at enthralling elevations. Strata are uplifted through edges of contrast caused by severe slants of the sun. The scope of the sacred site reaches translation in static brevity, unearthing billions of years of sedimentary rock sequences.

“Light Streaming” by Kathleen Rugh (7 minutes) -Imagery and sound create an encompassing environment where tunnels of light and the continual flow of water act as a connecting force between differing locales ranging from the Oregon coast, the woods surrounding a New Hampshire river, the waterfalls of upstate New York and the depths of an urban park in Brooklyn. Stepping into one place and then out into another relates to the atmosphere and experiences of a dream.

“The Voice of God” by Bernd Luetzeler (10 minutes) -If God would come down and try to earn a living in Bombay, most probably he would very soon become successful as a voice over artiste, lending his voice to thousands of Hindi movies and even more documentaries and public service films in India.

“Untitled” by Michael Robinson (1 minute) -no description-

“CHROMA” by Jeremy Moss (4 minutes) -A wild and hypnotic ride that focuses, via manic perspective shifts, on the driving movement of a solo figure against a backdrop of frenetically flickering colors; these jolting chromatic and frame variations “dance” as much as the performer.

“THE SIGHT” by Jeremy Moss (4 minutes) -A song of creation: immaterial spawns volatile matter; obfuscated landscape emerges from splintering celluloid. Hand-processed July 2012 at Phil Hoffman's Film Farm in Ontario, Canada.

“SEER” by Jeremy Moss (5 minutes) -She evades us. She knows.

“The road led here” by Jennifer Hardacker (3 minutes) -The road led here' tells the story of a discontented voyager who finally finds a place to end her journey--but what is it about this place? The film is shot on 16mm film, HD video and moss grown on 16mm leader. The film employs text that nods to the literary tradition of odyssey/journey stories, such as The Wizard of Oz, On the Road, The Odyssey and others.

“Across the Whipplewash” by Caitlin & Josh Drake (16 minutes) -A silent film set in Appalachia about 3 brothers on the lam. Music by Yellowbirds. Shot on B/W Super8 film.

"Bruce Times Eight” by James Hollenbaugh (5 minutes) -An experimental found footage extravaganza made exclusively of original
Split 8mm Negatives by filmmaker / photographer Bruce of LA.

“Former Models” by Benjamin Pearson (20 minutes) -Video docu-drama composed of appropriated found footage. Tells the tragic story of former Milli Vanilli member Robert Pilatus and his descent into pure image. A fabricated narrative conceived and written by the the artist (Pearson) parallels and collides with Pilatus' public biography. The video explores the material consequences of a transition to immateriality, all set to the undulating bass line of a ubiquitous media spectacle. Single channel digital video


Director, choreographer, production designer Lauri Faggioni (from NYC) IN-PERSON ("Science of Sleep", "Boy With a Coin"by Iron and Wine, music films for Monsters of Folk, Devendra Banhart, Bright Eyes, etc.) -Lauri Faggioni is an award-winning director, production designer and choreographer, and is among today's emerging pioneers in the creative world. Her music video directing debut, Devendra Banhart's "A Ribbon", premiered at MoMA and earned her MVPA nominations for Directorial Debut and Best Video Under $25,000, as well as the award for Best Animated Video. Her work in Michel Gondry's musical documentary Dave Chappelle's Block Party and the surreal film The Science of Sleep garnered significant press accolades. Faggioni went on to collaborate on additional commercial and music video work with Gondry as well as projects with renowned director Johan Renck. She recently designed Johnny Depp's upcoming documentary on Keith Richards. Faggioni has also directed music videos for Bright Eyes, Iron and Wine and Monsters of Folk, and has done commercial work for brands including H&M, Escada, EDF and Talk Talk. She will present a program of short films and music videos, plus clips of her works from feature films and will talk with filmmaker Jeremy Moss regarding movement in film as well as a Q&A with the audience.

Sunday night screening at: STUDIO A, Front/State St. Harrisburg, PA 17101

8PM: “a body without organs”by Stephen Graves (81 minutes)

A Body Without Organs was shot intimately with my father and mother over a one and a half year period at their home in Florida. This film is a portrait of their lives in the present, a supple present marked by frequent incursions into various pasts, real and imagined. My father has no colon. He is narcoleptic. His friends are all ghosts. His life is dreamt. In the house there is my mother. There are the cats. And then there is a body without organs. Awarded Most Visionary Film by Chicago Underground Film Festival (2013)

shown with- “The Two Fauns”by David Finklestein (18 minutes)

Two men engaged in a friendly game of erotic pursuit. A mysterious chorus of voices encourages them. With a text by Percy Shelley and music by Randall Wong.