Moviate Artsfest Film Festival 2013 Color Poster 1200pxSATURDAY MAY 25th, 2013: Civic Club of Harrisburg, Front St. Harrisburg, PA 17101 (11am-6pm)


“Living With Lava” by Theo Maximilian Goble (86 minutes) -Using volcanoes as a thread, this film examines lives that have been somehow shaped by living close to the lava. With a past, present and future approach this documentary focuses on three Icelandic volcanoes; Eldfell, Eyjafjalljokull and Katla. Although little can match up to the force of a volcanic eruption, in this film, the real power is in the spoken word.

1PM: Motioning (animation and puppetry)

“Sinsi” by Carmen Lioret (2 minutes) -They strive for having the place of the other.

“Virtuos Virtuell” by Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann (7 minutes) -Synchronizing to the music, abstract ink drawings 'grow' in an interplay of curiosity, timid encounters, dynamic pursuits and confrontation, stimulating many emotions, which carry us off on a poetical journey to a musical world of pictures.

“The Rose of Turaida” by Ryan Grobins (6 minutes) -Based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia, The Rose of Turaida tells of the tragedy of a beautiful young woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honour.

“Love Ball” by Dana Sink (2 minutes) -Love Ball is an analogy for a meeting of two travelers on different paths and the affection that draws them together.

“Just Jeff” by Dana Sink and Mark Scheetz (2 minutes) -A snail’s unexpected space odyssey leads to an epic discovery.

“The SEVEN Wonders” by Paul Tarrago (20 minutes) -The tenth episode in the ongoing Badger series. Themes? Living in the culture of the copy; originality and ownership; inexplicableillness; life on other planets. And wonder, times seven.


Program 1 “FAMILY FRIENDLY AFTERNOON” 88 minutes.

With 3 films by Faith Hubley, 3 films by Emily Hubley, and 4 films by John and Faith Hubley.

"Moonbird" by John & Faith Hubley, 1959, 10m, 16mm film.

"Adventures of an *" by John and Faith Hubley, 1956, 10m, dvd.

"Hello" by Faith Hubley, 1984, 9.5m, 16mm film.

"Cockaboody" by John and Faith Hubley, 1973, 8.5m, dvd.

"The Tower" by Georgia & Emily Hubley, 1984, 11.5m, 16mm film.

"Urbanissimo" by John & Faith Hubley, 1967, 6m, dvd.

"Tall Time Tales" by Faith Hubley, 1992, 8m, 16mm film.

"Enough" by Emily Hubley, 1992, 4.5m, dvd.

"Time of the Angels" by Faith Hubley, 1987, 10m, 16mm film.

"One Self: Fish/Girl" by Emily Hubley, 1997, 10m, dvd.


"Date w Dizzy" by John & Faith Hubley, 1960, 10m, 16mm film.

"The Holeby" John & Faith Hubley, 1962, 15m, 16mm film.

"Pigeon Within" by Emily Hubley, 2000, 4.5m, dvd.

"Eggs" by John & Faith Hubley, 1958, 6m, 16mm film.

"Her Grandmother’s Gift" by Emily Hubley, 1995, 6m, dvd.

"Witch Madness" by Faith Hubley, 1999, 8.5, dvd.

"Zuckerkandl" by John & Faith Hubley, 1969, 15m, 16mm film.

"Set Set Spike" by Emily Hubley, 2003, 6m, dvd.

"Tender Game" by John & Faith Hubley, 1958, 6m, dvd.

"Northern Ice Golden Sun" by Faith Hubley, 2001, 6.5, dvd.

"And/or" by Emily Hubley, 2012, 5.5m, dvd.

Saturday night screenings at the Midtown Cinema, 250 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

10PM: Special Feature Documentary

“Leviathan” by Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Verena Paravel (87 minutes) A documentary shot in the North Atlantic and focused on the commercial fishing industry but shot in very untraditional ways creating a uniquely haunting atmosphere.

shown with- “saints” by Jim Hickcox (11 minutes) -A personal essay regarding saints, film, family, and other focal points for communities.

and "Film digitalia, No. 2" by Matt Whitman. -The bodies of the digital video camera and the film camera are attached to each other and simultaneously capture a monitor feed coming from the digital camera itself. The resulting seizure/supernova, induced for and by the digital apparatus is witnessed by the film camera. The final result is a perversion, a mutual cannibalization and a durative moment of montage between these two ontologies (the digital and the filmic).(New York, super 8 film, 3 min 20 second)

MIDNIGHT: rare 35mm film print of “Gimme Shelter”

by ALBERT and DAVID MAYSLES -a 1970 documentary film directed by Albert and David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin chronicling the last weeks of The Rolling Stones' 1969 US tour which culminated in the disastrous Altamont Free Concert. The film is named after "Gimme Shelter", the lead track from the group's 1969 album Let It Bleed. The film was screened at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival, but was not entered into the main competition