MONDAY MAY 26th, 11am-4pm

(CIVIC CLUB, 612 N. Front St.)


“Street Soccer” by Dan Hedges and David Murphy. 

-Each night in New York City, approximately 40,000 people go without a permanent home. "Street Soccer: New York" is the story of 12 homeless men who used soccer to change their destiny. The film follows a team of homeless New York City soccer players as they compete in the Street Soccer USA Cup, an annual 16-team soccer tournament for the homeless held in Washington D.C. During their journey, the players face challenges on and off the field, taking leaps to rebuild their lives.

(60 min., documentary.)

12Noon: Heart-wrenching Personal Mission

“You Have His Eyes” by Christopher Wilson

- At three months old Christopher was adopted. 25 years later he reunited with his biological mother. He then began documenting his search for his father. An intense life changing experience is captured as Chris uncovers the dormant truths behind his biological family. 90 min. (USA)


“Sunset Edge” by Daniel Peddle

-Two narratives clash violently in this meditative portrayal of disaffected youth set in a graveyard of abandoned mobile homes known as Sunset Edge. We follow a group of four aimless, suburban teenagers - they skateboard the park, sleep in the sun, and rummage through the decaying remains completely unaware that this is where a lonesome teen is confronting a horrific past. Day turns to night, people disappear, and the secrets of Sunset Edge are revealed in a paralyzing finale.

83 min. (USA)


“Where We Belong”  by Krista Imbesi

-Orphanages create orphans. Unfortunately, well meaning Western aid workers often don't realize this darker side to the orphan crisis in Uganda. Due to cultural ignorance, and the demand for adoption ready children in the international sphere, families struggling financially are pressured into giving up and signing their rights to their children over to Western institutions. In Where We Belong, two Western run non profits struggle to find ways to help the orphan crisis without falling into these traps, and struggle to find their place within Ugandan culture. 56 min. (MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA)

with“Letters on a Record Home”


Annual Film Festival Update!

Due to the continuance of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the prevalence of the Delta variant in our area, we have decided to push the festival back to May of 2022, in the hopes of starting up again with fully in-person programs. We have extended our submission deadline, so please use the link below to submit your entry 

Thanks for your understanding. More updates to come. Stay safe.


Include Your Movie In The 23rd Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival ~ MAY 2022

Any original films from any time are accepted.

Attending filmmakers receive discounted hotel rates and admission to all events including any special speaking engagements or award ceremonies.

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