sightunseenSUNDAY MAY 25th, 11am-4pm (CIVIC CLUB, 612 N. Front St.)



- A female poet finding her voice and making her niche among some of the most revered men of the counterculture. Taking refuge with Gregory Corso and other Beat poets in the Village as a teenager escaping the suffocation of conformity. Losing her unwanted virginity to Allen Ginsberg's lover, Peter Orlovsky. Discovering disappointment in the arms of her hero Jack Kerouac (45 min.)


“KEENAN” by Tom Knoff

An intimate portrait of legendary photographer Larry Keenan capturing the transformation of the Beat Generation into the burgeoning 60's rock counterculture and his visionary work beyond. 39 min. (USA)

1PM: Strangely Enticing Narratives

“Deep South” by Christopher Bye

-With photography, change is inherent in documentation. As humans change their physical environs, they change the physical and conceptual landscape for photography. 5 min. (USA)

“The Perfect Hello” by Zack Kasten

-The short narrative revolves around Wade Perkins, a fifty-five year old motivational speaker at the end of his rope. After learning of his younger brothers demise, he embarks on an alcoholic bender through middle America accompanied by a mysterious young woman named Sweetheart.  41 min. (USA)

2PM: Expermimentally Energizing!

“New Radiant”  by Anna Spence

-Technology today advances so quickly that we leave a trail of obsolescence behind us. This piece blends video production machinery spanning 25 years to create an experience that's unable to be placed to one decade of time. 7 min. (USA)

“Love in The City”  by Emanuele Michetti

-In a big city where everything moves too fast and everyone is too busy, there is no time to relax. How can relationships evolve? 4 min. b/w, 16mm. (USA)

“Inversion” by Linda Fenstermaker

-Inversion creates an open space to expand female consciousness, as an embodiment of the film itself. Shot, edited and finished in 16mm, this film showcases the intricacies and beauty of the film medium, in creating a new dialog between filmmaker, camera and subject. 12 min. color, 16mm. (USA)

“Interstates”  by Jeffery Chong

-Fleeting images, lasting impressions: a winter's drive through New England. 3 min. (Canada)

“Daybreak” by George Ungar

-Opening our eyes each new day, we stare for a few minutes into space, seeing the first sights, hearing the first sounds. It is neither night nor day but something

in-between. Fragments of dreams refusing to expire, the grip of the day not yet upon us, memory and desire hovering around the edges... 7 min. animation (CANADA)

“Kordan – Mirror”  5min. 16mm b&w music video.

“The Ceiling” 5 min, hand painted found footage music video by Josh and Caitlin Drake.  (Pennsylvania, USA)

“Hello, Goodbye” by Jerry Sangiuliano

-Experimental 7.5 minutes consisting of a cast of thousands of talking heads in different languages and emotions (laughing, crying, arguing) merging abstractly into one universal head, evoking the fleeting oneness of humanity.

8 min. (Pennsylvania, USA)


“Passages”  by Neysan Sobhani

-'Passages' follows two consecutive days in the life of a young child who is experiencing inner turmoil as he tries to cope not only with a recent major life event but also with an on-going daily personal struggle. 7 min. (Bermuda/China)

“Olives” by Kyler Ernst

-A domestic couple are thrust into a crisis of extreme disconnection just moments before harshly unsympathetic guests arrive for a party.  22 min. (USA)

“Telleth of those who dwell in waterbyVonno Arturo Ambriz

-Rufario Salamanca is sent to New Spain in order to serve Friar Bernardino, whose lifelong mission is to document every thing that grows on that region. Guided by a mysterious native woman, together with his mixed race brother and the friar, they sail into swampy waters, finding marvelous beasts; the main characters of ancient pagan stories. 19 min. (Mexico)


"The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Triumphs And Tragedy Of Gene Clark" 110 min. Documentary, USA PREMIERE!




SIGHT UNSEEN (Baltimore IN-PERSON FILMMAKER Program) Midtown Cinema, 250 Reily St.

Annual Film Festival Update!

Due to the continuance of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the prevalence of the Delta variant in our area, we have decided to push the festival back to May of 2022, in the hopes of starting up again with fully in-person programs. We have extended our submission deadline, so please use the link below to submit your entry 

Thanks for your understanding. More updates to come. Stay safe.


Include Your Movie In The 23rd Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival ~ MAY 2022

Any original films from any time are accepted.

Attending filmmakers receive discounted hotel rates and admission to all events including any special speaking engagements or award ceremonies.

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