weirdPaulSATURDAY MAY 24th,  11am-4pm, CIVIC CLUB, 612 N. Front St.

11AM: Know Your Environment!

 “The Human Experiment” by Dana Nachman and Don Hardy.

-What if the greatest chemical disaster of our time did not involve oil spills or nuclear meltdowns? Instead, imagine much lower levels of exposure, inflicted over several generations and affecting every person on the planet. The result: rising rates of everything from cancer to autism to infertility.  Narrated by Sean Penn. 90 min. Documentary. (USA)

1PM: Environmental/Expressionistic Short Films

“STILL LIFE” by Johannes Krell

-The filmmakers leave the classical nature film behind in order to explore new ways of conceptualizing our understanding of nature and ourselves. A hitherto familiar environment develops strange characteristics and meanders between stagnation and movement, realism and hypnosis, naturalness and artificiality. 13 min. (Germany)

“DISPLACEMENTS” by Manuel Alvarez Diestro

-Hong-Kong is one of the densest cities in the world. As there is no much space available, new towns are adjacent to the cemeteries. These days in Hong-Kong the world of the living coexists with the one of the dead. Meanwhile, Hong Kong inhabitants move from place to place. They are waiting for a final displacement.  9 min. (UK)


-Performance video, text and narration, archival family footage, and landscape meditation examine the dynamics of erotic power, and the collapse of intimacy, violence and transformation through the practice of consensual BDSM. 13 min. (USA)

“Ground London” by Dustin Morrow

-an experimental documentary that explores the British capital with a very specific point-of-view, locked in photography that never gets more than three inches off the ground, along with heavy manipulation of both sound and image, exposing a London seldom examined: a city that moves poetically and with great order when observed slowly and in minute detail.  8 min. (USA)

2PM: Observational Humor Block

“Une Balade a la Mer” by Damien Stein

-A ride towards the sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But the cadence of his own will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city which he will cross could be violent to him. (Animation, France, 3 min)

“Spider Boil Balls” by Neil Ira Needleman

-This brief work is yet another psychodrama-with-a-smile from a middle-age worry wart. I vaguely remember my teenage years when I filmed (on Super8) gritty, raw, angry psychodramas. Now I prefer to use a touch of wit and self-deprecation. Gee, I must be getting old. I mean, MATURE.  3 min.  (USA)

“Man Vs. Ultraman”  by Michael Rader

-The task of painting a portrait is given to an artist who unearths more about himself in the undertaking than expected. The painting takes 'The Man' through a whimsical and dark journey of self exploration as he attempts to trust himself. In the self contained space of the artists studio, 'The Man' finds himself in a fantastical bucolic environment in which to nurture himself. 40 min (USA)


“Freedom” by Neil Ira Needleman

-A subtle elegy to the excesses of capitalism. A delicate ode to overabundance. An understated tribute to those whose cups runneth over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. 5 min. (USA)

“What Cheer”  by Michael Slavens

- After the sudden passing of his wife, Stan (Richard Kind) finds himself in a state of shock. He tries to ignore his pain but finds himself followed by inescapable grief, or rather, followed by the inescapable What Cheer? Brigade, a 20-piece brass and percussion band drowning out his world with boisterous, ear-numbing song. 18 min. (USA)

“Deadly Moments” by Jerry Sangiuliano

-A man believes he murdered his wife and suspected lover in a jealous rage -- then discovers the real truth -- or maybe not? 14 min. (Pennsylvania)

“Epistolary Fusillades” by David Finkelstein

-'Epistolary Fusillades' is an examination of the fractured nature of contemporary thought, and the possibility of using collage to create a new coherence. 18min. (USA)

4PM: From the DYI Underground

“Mr. Triangle Head”  by Tuo Li

-Smart yet stupid, dynamic yet mischievous, happy yet desperate, Mr. Triangle head is an interesting animated character, but he could also be you, or me, or anybody around us. He has a strong attitude about his life, that may help him, and may destroy him. 3 min. (Singapore)

“Love Ball: Ball on Fire” by Dana Sink

-Love Ball: Ball on Fire is one ball's journey to recover something precious it has lost. It is an analogy for the lengths we will go to for our loved ones. 4 min. animation, Central PA

“Welcome to Dignity Pastures” by Brian Lonano

-Dignity Pastures Funeral Home takes great pride in assisting families to grieve their lost and will give you a respectable and dignified matter what happens. 3 min.(USA)

“When Objects Attack”  by

- super-8mm, 80 min.

Saturday, May 24 (MIDTOWN CINEMA, 250 Reily St.)


10PM WEIRD PAUL Live Music Post Video Show