Artsfest Film Festival 2015 Color Poster 1200pxMONDAY MAY 25th, 2015

Civic Club of Harrisburg


“War Prayer” (17 minutes) by Richard Wiebe. -There are icons in Cyprus that are centuries old. They bloom like flowers in houses, churches, monasteries, and markets. Last summer marked the 40th anniversary of Cyprus’s invasion and partition. Today the island remains divided with abandoned spaces on both sides of the Green Line. For decades every US administration has exploited this partition, using military bases on the island to conduct surveillance in the Middle East. An icon is a prayer, a window to heaven, to a listening ear.

“Imago Dei” (21 minutes) by Nathan Skulstad. -Imago Dei is an experimental documentary which paints a haunting portrait of an Eastern Orthodox iconographer exploring what it means to represent the image of an invisible God.


“I know You Well” (70 minutes) by Ashkan Soltani. -“I Know You Well” is a documentary about JANDEK one of the most mysterious American musicians with a large international cult following. The film provides rare access to the elusive performer and an intimate examination of JANDEK’s creative process.


“Bob and the Sex Pistachios” (82 minutes) by Yves Matthey & Tiziana Caminada. -BOB and the SEX PISTACHIOS, a musical tribute to the rockers around the world who dream of fame. Son of a punk, Bob born, grows, creates rock bands. Stories of guitars, friends, girls and teen problems. His dream is to become a rock star, to play on the biggest stages of the world, Bob dream big and in technicolor! And success shows up, Bob try to survive between concerts, travel, where pretentious agents and stupid TV shows, Bob never hesitates to distribute slaps. Bob is a rebellious and pure rocker, and his dream is bigger than life...

Showing with two music videos by Caleb Smith: “Picture” by Tilbury and “Floodgates” by Very Americans


“Elegy to Connie” (59 minutes) by Sarah Paulsen. -Elegy to Connie is a Stop Motion animation that addresses the events leading up to and following the Kirkwood City Council shooting, as retold by a group of unintentional women activists, bound together by their friendship with slain Councilwoman Connie Karr. Made in collaboration with these women, this animated documentary is based on their stories, and depicts themes including: citizen representation and finding a voice; the Utopian draw of the suburbs; disenfranchised neighborhoods; white privilege; alienation, and healing after tragedy. The film illustrates the complicated issues surrounding the shooting and celebrates Connie's legacy as a leader.

Festival concludes at 5PM. thank you.

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