GUY MADDIN headshot FRIDAY MAY 22nd, 2015 8:00PM

Midtown Cinema, 250 Reily St. Harrisburg.

GUY MADDIN kicks off the festival! Guy will present a few clips from his newest film "The Forbidden Room" as well as introduce a 16mm film print of one of his earlier films.

The event is free (donations accepted to offset costs, tshirts and poster sales will also help keep the festival free, thanks)

day two: THE 17TH ANNUAL MOVIATE UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL at ARTSFEST (Bryan Lewis Saunders, Z'ev, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2K)

Artsfest Film Festival 2015 Color Poster 1200pxSATURDAY MAY 23rd, 2015

Civic Club of Harrisburg, Midtown Cinema

*PLEASE NOTE: Screenings from 11-5:30 are at the Civic Club of Harrisburg. Screenings from 8PM onward are at the Midtown Cinema.


“The Gospel According to Charlie” (documentary, 57 minutes) by David Bussan


“Still Feeling Blue About Color Separation” (2 minutes) by Christine Lucy Latimer
“TRANSFER” (narrative, 16 minutes) by Christopher Spencer-Lowe
“Tadaima” (narrative, 16 minutes) by Robin Takao D’Oench

1PM: Observations and Statements

“Spectators” (11 minutes) by Ann Deborah Levy
“London Calling” (5 minutes) by John Hillis
“RRMXiii” (18 minutes) by Grannell Knox
“Resolve to Be Ready” (7 minutes) by Eugene Park


“Eye Spoke Chorus” (4 minutes) by Timothy David Orme
“Jones Falls” (10 minutes) by Lorenzo Gattorna
“Nationtime” (2 minutes) by Christine Lucy Latimer
“The Crow Furnace” (30 minutes) by Dolissa Medina


“AmericaAntiAmerica” (4 minutes) by Neil Ira Needleman
“Chaucer Revisited” by Gary Adelstein and Jerry Orr (10 minutes)
“Invincible City“ (21 minutes) by David Finkelstein
“Story for Mindy” (4 minutes) by Neil Ira Needleman
“Will I Scatter Away” (6 minutes) by Emma Eisner


“Heart Beat Ear Drum” by Ellen Zweig. Documentary on musician Z’ev with Z’ev and director Ellen Zweig In-Person.

*PLEASE NOTE: Screenings from 11-5:30 are at the Civic Club of Harrisburg. Screenings from 8PM onward are at the Midtown Cinema.


"The Art of Darkness" and "Self Portrait Portrait" documentaries about artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, with Bryan Lewis Saunders IN-PERSON.


Byran Lewis Saunders and Z'ev perform "DAKU" live to the films of James Hollenbaugh (James in-person as well!)


NEW 40th Anniversary 2K restored version of the original "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE"

all free.


bigbaby1 pola

SUNDAY MAY 24th, 2015

Civic Club of Harrisburg, Midtown Cinema

*PLEASE NOTE: Screenings from 11am-5pm are at the CIVIC CLUB. Screening at 7PM is at the MIDTOWN CINEMA


“Out of Focus” (51 minutes) by Shahriar Siami Shal

-"This is a film about Afshin Naghouni, an Iranian-British disabled painter who has fallen down from seventh floor of a building during an escape from Iran polices' attack to a birthday party in Tehran and his spinal cord severely injured. He came to Britain Seventeen years ago for treatment and has stayed in this country and he got married and works as a professional painter now but in a wheelchair."


“Time and Place, a talk with my mom” (36 minutes) by Martijn Veldhoen

-The mother of the filmmaker tells about how her life has gone when she first came to live in a poorly maintained canal house in Amsterdam fifty years ago. The rapid career of the father; the dramatic separation; her four children she raised alone; she tries to remember the whole story. But she does not want her face in the picture and there are only a few photo's. Her story is however told in a visual manner using unorthodox reconstruction techniques. In the end not everything will be as 'real' as expected.

“Bliss Point” (10 minutes) by Michael Raines

-After an emergency landing, a tech guru en route to a conference becomes trapped in a modern hotel room. With the room's technological amenities shut off, he is unable to open the doors or call for help. As he struggles to escape, a black stain on the wall captures his attention.


“Test” (10 minutes) by Jay Lifton

-A seemingly unremarkable man spends a day taking a bizarre test at a mysterious facility. Through his day he interacts with the odd, detached employees of the facility, guiding him from section to section, obscuring the intentions or duration of the test.

“Picture Particles” (6 minutes) by Thorsten Fleisch

-Individual elements from a carrier of visual information have been isolated to construct alternative visual reagents. Repetition (in space and in time) is administered as a binder to tame the wild particles in motion, evoking a golden ratio of the mind's eye.

Film was once manufactured and distributed on thin translucent plastic strips and came in different formats like Super 8, 16 mm and 35 mm. For this film found Super 8 footage was the source material. It was cut to small pieces and investigated further with other film formats (16 mm & 35 mm) by means of optical printing and reshooting the projected material. After applying this analogue feedback loop for a while the result has been transferred to video and edited further.

“The Glass Record” (6 minutes) by Daniel King

A skipping across the mediated surface of scanner architecture. A not-so-exhaustive visual accumulation of reflection, transparency, and the contact point where the physical becomes digital. What happens when looking becomes recording? When does transparent glass reveal its opaque nature? A Glass Record seeks to expose the invisible surface that has become ubiquitous.

“Betwixt” (5 minutes) by Eva Lee.

-Found adventures and forgotten homes, dreams of departures and arrivals in India. Made possible by the support of Fulbright Scholar Program.

“Branches” (5 minutes) by Heath Hanlin

-Branches is an exploration of line, light, and sound: a moving drawing, a study in the relationship between order and chaos. Unsettlingly complex and entropic, yet deeply and abidingly orderly.


"Surfacing” (5 minutes) by Zachary Reese

A closed door. Notes and noise and nothingness. An open door. A presence and an absence.

"The Red” (2 minutes) by Benjamin Marlowe

“The Red” is a hand animated experimental film. Music, words, and animation were created by me to deliver an abstract narrative about the reverence of devotion. I paint in black and white on original and sampled film. Just like hip-hop music, I am cutting and scratching the piece with my hand. I react to the film and its memories, then push the gesture through my own hand. I am not painting or drawing an exact replica of this movement predetermined by another filmmaker. I am editing and exaggerating in order to emphasize a particular aspect of reality. A sporadic gesture, articulated in 24 frames per second, is amplified.

“Prick” (3 minutes) by Elissa Nechamkin.

-A short, visceral exploration of a woman's morbid curiosity seen through the action of a 'prick' of the finger.

“The Meadow” (41 minutes) by Fritz Aigner.

-The Meadow refers upon the Genesis of Morgenstern & Boyd, two sound-alchemists, ever since walking the earth on a Mission beyond good and evil....


“Michael” (14 minutes) by Avi Yagil.

-Michael takes his little brother, Ohad, to a deserted field where he is requested to reenact a terrible act, which he had committed the same morning. As in a police investigation, Michael exposes the various details of Ohad's actions and reveals that Ohad killed the family dog. A realistic story about human nature, dealing with internal drives, morality and violence.

“she” (12 minutes) by Kyle Parsons.

-SHE is about a girl who goes through her life doing very everyday things. Running errands, washing dishes, watching movies. But no matter how normal and everyday her life may be, she's still under the watchful eyes of strangers. She doesn't know they're observing her, but they are. Through time though, she begins to feel the weight of their gaze upon her. These strangers are unaware of the impact they're having on her. They are eventually confronted with the reality that their opinions and judgments don't exist in a vacuum, even as strangers.

“La Fin” (19 minutes) by Francois Nolla, Les Deniers & Hugo Hubert.

-The young Lia, married to a banker that she no longer loves, sees its existence toggle in the wake of an unprecedented crisis.

4PM: Animation Chunk! Curated by Dana Sink

Wassup Snail? By Mark Scheetz --USA 0:24

Snowflake By Natalia Chernysheva --Russia 5:44

Hogan By Peter Millard –United Kingdom and 4:04

Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop By Caleb Wood –USA 4:07

Pig By Steven Subotnick –USA 3:19

Ball of Life By Dana Sink –USA 4:10

Unhappy Happy By Peter Millard – United Kingdom 7:07

Velocity By Karolina Glusiec -- United Kingdom5:53

Echo and Narcissus By Killian Heilsberg 3:02

The Game Becomes more Civilized By Guy Kozak USA 5:02

*PLEASE NOTE: Screenings from 11am-5pm are at the CIVIC CLUB. Screening at 7PM is at the MIDTOWN CINEMA

7PM: Chad Mellendick and David Fair In-Person presenting “The Big Baby Show”. Voices by Chad Mellendick, Jad and David Fair.

-The Big Baby Show is a situation comedy produced by Chad Mellendick and David Fair. The episodes last approximately two and a half minutes each but deliver far more laughs than their hour long counterparts. Each episode celebrates the misadventures of the four lovable misfits, Big Baby, MakeUp Baby, Peckerhead and Domino. Imagine if the Little Rascals had starred Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Redd Foxx. This mess is ridiculous! There are four of them! Suppose the Three Stooges had featured Larry, Moe, Curly AND Shemp. Television has never been this funny. Everybody loves Raymond?... Fasten your seat belt, Son. There are FOUR of these fools and each one is twice as funny as Raymond. You do the math.

Showing with: Special screening of local artist short video series “Kevin’s Sci-fi Special Effects Show” with creator Jay Johnson, in-person.

midtown cinema, 250 reily st. harrisburg


Artsfest Film Festival 2015 Color Poster 1200pxMONDAY MAY 25th, 2015

Civic Club of Harrisburg


“War Prayer” (17 minutes) by Richard Wiebe. -There are icons in Cyprus that are centuries old. They bloom like flowers in houses, churches, monasteries, and markets. Last summer marked the 40th anniversary of Cyprus’s invasion and partition. Today the island remains divided with abandoned spaces on both sides of the Green Line. For decades every US administration has exploited this partition, using military bases on the island to conduct surveillance in the Middle East. An icon is a prayer, a window to heaven, to a listening ear.

“Imago Dei” (21 minutes) by Nathan Skulstad. -Imago Dei is an experimental documentary which paints a haunting portrait of an Eastern Orthodox iconographer exploring what it means to represent the image of an invisible God.


“I know You Well” (70 minutes) by Ashkan Soltani. -“I Know You Well” is a documentary about JANDEK one of the most mysterious American musicians with a large international cult following. The film provides rare access to the elusive performer and an intimate examination of JANDEK’s creative process.


“Bob and the Sex Pistachios” (82 minutes) by Yves Matthey & Tiziana Caminada. -BOB and the SEX PISTACHIOS, a musical tribute to the rockers around the world who dream of fame. Son of a punk, Bob born, grows, creates rock bands. Stories of guitars, friends, girls and teen problems. His dream is to become a rock star, to play on the biggest stages of the world, Bob dream big and in technicolor! And success shows up, Bob try to survive between concerts, travel, where pretentious agents and stupid TV shows, Bob never hesitates to distribute slaps. Bob is a rebellious and pure rocker, and his dream is bigger than life...

Showing with two music videos by Caleb Smith: “Picture” by Tilbury and “Floodgates” by Very Americans


“Elegy to Connie” (59 minutes) by Sarah Paulsen. -Elegy to Connie is a Stop Motion animation that addresses the events leading up to and following the Kirkwood City Council shooting, as retold by a group of unintentional women activists, bound together by their friendship with slain Councilwoman Connie Karr. Made in collaboration with these women, this animated documentary is based on their stories, and depicts themes including: citizen representation and finding a voice; the Utopian draw of the suburbs; disenfranchised neighborhoods; white privilege; alienation, and healing after tragedy. The film illustrates the complicated issues surrounding the shooting and celebrates Connie's legacy as a leader.

Festival concludes at 5PM. thank you.

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