DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @8:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


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Stoned to the Bone

Stoned to the Bone: Rock & Roll Shorts

An Example of Lee-Roth Fog Isolated Under Laboratory Conditions

Ryan Betschart
San Diego, CA I 3 I Digital

Spiritual mists are a stand in for the nuts-and-bolts details surrounding the life of enigmatic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. A personality perfectly captured in eruptions of ecstatic sound.

Stoned to the Bone

Rudy Childs
Rockland, MA/Montgomery County, MD I 15 I VHS

A short that focuses on a 1985 weekend field party bacchanal that took place in Montgomery County, Maryland. A cast of colorful characters are recorded using a home video camera and a CBS microphone swiped from the Reagan Inauguration earlier that year. Music included is the doom metal icons Pentagram who are interviewed as they set up for the performance.

Scum Show - OSEES - Music Video

MaLo Sutra Fish
Paris, FR I 2 I Super 8

Shot at Le Trianon in Paris during OSEES' show on June 29th 2022. The reels were hand processed at the Collective Lab L'Etna. The film was pre-edited and animated, colored, and special effects were also processed by hand; digitally edited. Long live Punk Spirit!

2940 N Campbell

Jacob Kessler
Chicago, IL I 4 I 16mm

A Satanic holiday is celebrated at a queer DIY space in Chicago. As police raid and permanently shut down the venue, excess pleasures persist to the musicality of a malfunctioning police radio. In the onslaught of lights and noises, audience members find a curious indifference to their source.

Fugazi's Barber

Joe Tropea, Robert A. Emmons Jr.
Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C. I 16 I Digital

In Washington, DC, legendary punk rockers get cleaned up by an old-school Italian barber.

Texas Transformed

Kwashiorkor Collective
Harrisburg, PA/Dallas, TX I 29 I Super 8

My 1984 summer vacation to the Republican National Convention in Dallas Texas. 

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Lodge Kerrigan Presents - KEANE

Stoned to the Bone: Rock & Roll Shorts

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