DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @4:00pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Invisible World

Invisible World
A presentation of short films.

Grief is the Glitch

Julia Mallory
Harrisburg, PA I 3 I Digital

A visual and sonic meditation on the disorienting experience of loss. Mallory moves through an encounter with an oracle-like figure to archival footage of her late son, Julian, as he reflects on the impact of young lives lost to violence.

I was born in 1988

Yasaman Baghban
Islamic Republic of Iran/North Carolina I 9 I Digital

An experimental documentary and personal essay on a series of executions of Iranian political prisoners that began in the summer of 1988, following the end of the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq. The mothers of these prisoners are a symbol of resistance and freedom. For nearly three decades, I have been preoccupied with the coincidence of this massacre and my birth in August 1988.

Sensitive Material

Nataliya Ilchuk
Ukraine/France I 26 I Super 8

Shot over the course of 10 years on expired Svema Super 8 film, this film is about the mental trauma of a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family during Soviet times in Ukraine.

Searching for Beauty in Student Loan Debt or at Least the Envelopes in Which It Comes

Nicky Tavares
United States I 6 I 16mm

Don your 3D glasses, open your mind, allow the denial of questionable financial decisions made by an aspiring young artist to dissolve on your tongue, and take a trip over 10 years to a delusory destination where the student loan debt crisis and one advanced art degree converge. Lean into the darkness of capitalized interest or remove your glasses and dream in color of solvency that may never come.


Simon Plouffe
Montreal, QC I 16 I Digital

Eastern white pines submerged under the waters of a hydroelectric reservoir on unceded Innu territory transform into flames. This exploration between water and fire illustrates our current climate emergency through multiple stories about the relationship between a community and its land.

Invisible World

Kym McDaniel
Salt Lake City, UT I 5 I Digital

To apply for an accessible or Crip parking placard, a doctor within the state must approve the application. As part of the application, there are six medical conditions which qualify a person for a placard. Many people with disabilities are included and many are not. This film is a record of my introduction to healthcare in the state of Utah. My processing of the appointment and consequential aftermath as a video object serves as a reclamation and assertion for understanding disability and the physical world otherwise.

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