DATE: Sunday May 21st, 2023 @11am

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Garden Glimpses 2

Garden Glimpses: An All-Ages Program of Short Films


Charles Cadkin
Chicago, IL I 5 I 16mm

On the Northwest side of Chicago, large swaths of people have been gathering for decades to fill their containers with water from a magical water pump.


Erren Franklin
California/France I 7 I 8mm

An experimental film shot on regular-8mm. All in-camera, analog effects.


Lee Lorenzo Lynch/Thorbjorg Jonsdottir
Iceland I 9 I 16mm

An intimate portrait that documents a day in the life of Konni, the last child inhabitant on a remote island in the arctic circle that boasts a population of only 16 people.

Garden Glimpses

Caryn Cline
Seattle, WA I 6 I 16mm

Inspired by Marie Menken's "Glimpse of the Garden," this is the second in a series of films about artists of the everyday. In-camera double exposures capture the colors and textures of landscape architect Keith Geller's Seattle garden on a warm spring day.

Beyond the Shadows

Steven J. York/Jacob Dodd
West Virginia/New York I 13 I 16mm

A shadow puppet film that explores a series of Appalachian family stories inspired by the dreams of West Virginia director Steven J. York and his father William York. The film depicts mountain mysticism, traditional Appalachian folk magic, and dreams of life out at the old homeplace.


Ella Harmon
United States I 3 I 16mm I In-Camera-Edit

A short observational film about the relationship between pigeons and their anthropocentric environment. These birds find freedom where other animals perish, yet owe their mobility in the urban space to a long history of domestication.

There is a Hole in the Ground

Aidan Cronin
East Northport, NY I 12 I 16mm

While mowing her lawn, Janice uncovers a hole in the ground and is forced to navigate its ever-looming sounds and presence.


Jack Gray
Philadelphia, PA I 4 I Digital

Featuring hundreds of looping animated characters, the film explores how the repetitive actions of our day-to-day lives quickly spiral into an endless kaleidoscope of abstraction.


Dana Sink
Harrisburg, PA I 3 I Digital

An animated film intersecting machinery, life, and our subconscious.

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