DATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 2:15pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



A presentation of short films.

(de)Vice Grip

Padrick Sean Ritch
United States I 3 I Digital/35mm/16mm/Super 8

A short film about the "terms of service" agreements of social media applications and smart phone devices.

CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man

Brian Lonano/Blake Myers
Atlanta, GA I 15 I Digital/16mm/Super 8

"Filmmaker" Brian Lonano tries to talk about a beloved cult film. What happens next will shock you!


Alex Morelli
Chicago, IL I 4 I Digital

Something is awry with Greece’s COVID-19 tourism ads—is it the virus itself? Or is the invitation to #visitgreece not as open as it seems? With a little help from datamoshing, the ads begin to offer glimpses of new anti-migrant measures and reveal the contradictions of travel.

Tar Beach Revelation

Neil Ira Needleman
United States I 3 I Digital

Does listening to Bach transform teenage boys into homosexuals?

The Voice in Isabel Fleiss's Office

Jim Haverkamp
Durham, NC I 6 I Digital/16mm

A woman with an unusual malady--cobweb buildup in the throat--receives an even more unusual treatment in this adaptation of a surreal poem by North Carolina writer Virgil Renfroe.

Spank Patrol

Kevin Ralston
United States I 3 I Digital

An evil agent has stolen a valuable piece of gold from its rightful owner with no telling what they’ll do with it. The Spank Patrol is called in to retrieve the gold and serve out some justice...Justice in the form of numerous spanks to the butt.


Thorsten Fleisch
Germany I 6 I Digital

Follow the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, as he and Alan Turing accidentally release demons into our dimension with help from Robo-Marie Curie. It is a thrilling journey into a world where science and the supernatural coexist, and the choices we make have the power to shape our destiny.


Ryan Tynan
Chicago, IL I 2 I Digital

A short film inspired by the spoken word piece of the same name.

Soap is an Illusion (Dirt: Part One)

David Finkelstein
United States I 21 I Digital

The viewer is plunged into the volatility of our conflicting attractions to dirt and cleanliness. A collage of poetic imagery, music, and abstracted, incantatory language, the film follows two men in an excavation of our cultural soil. Their dialog gives rise to unexpected landscapes, populated by revengeful toasters, soap bubbles which fly on magic carpets, and other surprises.

Skin Kligman

Ronni Thomas
Brooklyn, NY I 6 I Digital

A down and out ex-convict attempts to shed light on the unreported atrocities of Dr. Albert Kligman, creator of the 'cosmetic wonder cream' Retin-A. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Kligman performed barbaric skin experiments on prisoners, mainly black, to develop his anti-aging cream serum. Though the details in this film are based on factual evidence, the story has gone untold for decades.

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