DATE: Saturday May 20, 2023 Starts @ 12:35pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Disappearing Acts

Disappearing Acts
A presentation of short films.

Portage Place

Tiff Bartel
Winnipeg, MB I 4 I Super 8

Follow Winnipeg's Portage Place shopping mall, from its opening day in 1987 to what may be its final days.


Erren Franklin
California/France I 6 I 8mm

A final road trip together. A film made as an offering, an acknowledgement of pain, shown as evidence that she is seen fully in this life, and loved always.

In 1993 Your Father-In-Law Told Me a Joke...

Roger Horn
Flagstaff, AZ/Switzerland I 5 I Super 8

Recounts a joke that the filmmaker’s father-in-law told his Ukrainian friends, that once seemed harmless and amusing, but is now all too real. Initially appearing to be a nostalgic look at an older couple enjoying a holiday with friends in the beautiful Swiss countryside, it becomes clear that Evgeniy and Elena are not on vacation but are, in fact, being sheltered by friends as they wait for assistance from Germany. The film asks viewers to consider the challenges and struggles faced by refugees as they navigate unfamiliar landscapes and bureaucratic systems in search of safety and stability.

The Fall of Cannonsville

Charles Cadkin
Chicago, IL. I 22 I 16mm/35mm

Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s the communities of Cannonsville, Granton, Rock Rift, Rock Royal, Johnny Brook and Beerston, NY were destroyed to make way for the Cannonsville Reservoir. The reservoir would serve as the last piece of New York City’s growing water infrastructure in a battle of upstate versus downstate. 60 years after vacating or moving their homes, former residents gather at their annual town reunion to reflect and reminisce on their memories and the collective trauma that they share.

Disappearing Acts

Sarah E. Jenkins
Boston, MA I 4 I Digital

Darkness encroaches upon a loggy landscape of animated tricks and turns.


Meryl Jones
Brooklyn, NY I 21 I 16mm

Two siblings coming of age in 1989 learn a painful lesson when one secretly pursues the other into the woods in search of an elusive mountain lion.

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