DATE: Saturday May 20th, 2023 @11am

VENUE: Midtown Cinema


Other Ways of Listening

Other Ways of Listening
Feature Film Presentation

Jérôme Florenville
France I 61 I Digital

“Changing life” was the objective proclaimed by the politicians who came to power in France in 1981. It was this impetus that enabled the Ministry of Culture to provide the major creators of avant-garde music with the means to develop new ways of making and listening to music. Luc Ferrari seized this opportunity to create a collective structure in 1982: La Muse en Circuit. "Other Ways of Listening" retraces the tumultuous history of this association dedicated to the development of non-standard music, drawing on archives and explosive testimonies. Forty years after its creation, this laboratory continues to irrigate a whole current of unclassifiable music, the common thread of which is still based on sound creation.

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