DATE: Sunday May 15, 2022 Starts @ 4:30pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



4:30 PM - WE HAD EACH OTHER: Documentary Portraits

We end shorts programming for the Moviate Underground Film Festival with seven stellar documentary portraits.

Bha Iad Làn Sgeulachdan

Todd Fraser (6min | Canada | Super 8 )
My grandfather Willie Francis Fraser reflects on the long-form storytelling he heard in his youth on Cape Breton Island, his relationship to the Gaelic language, and his extraordinary experience of learning to dance in a series of dreams he had as a boy.

The Sticklet Weaver

James Hollenbaugh (7min | USA | Super 8 )
Brent Brown is a self-taught artist with lifelong mental health challenges. Intuitive and deeply talented, in recent years he has started building complex, highly fanciful "puppets" constructed from dozens of cardboard elements with fully moveable joints. "The Sticklet Weaver" explores Brent's process and celebrates his unique artistic journey.

Donnie Rose

Sammy Lamb (14min | USA | 16mm, VHS)
Donnie Rose retells the vibrant, short, and tragic life of runaway fourteen-year-old Donnie; the film explores the queer origins of the nascent Los Angeles punk scene, and how Donnie found family among the outcast teens living on the streets of Los Angeles in 1978.

Roger Neira (6min | Peru | Super 8, 16mm)
An experimental poetic work. Two viewpoints, two Super-8 cameras are showing us the house, the humanity and the passion for cinema of one of the masters of Peruvian cinema: Gianfranco Annichini. A diptych that finally becomes an open work in 16mm.


Inna Dmitrieva (7min | USA | 16mm)
Landays is both a celebration of the landay, a traditional form of Afghan poetry, and an exploration of women’s life in contemporary Afghanistan. Centered around an interview with a young woman from Kabul, the piece juxtaposes rephotographed images of Afghan life with performances of several landay couplets.

We Had Each Other

Kelly Gallagher (15min | USA, Ireland | 16mm, 8mm, Digital)
Sisterhood and solidarity nourished the thirty-two Irish Republican women POWs at Armagh Gaol (Jail) in 1980, as they embarked on a transgressive, challenging, and oft-overlooked No-Wash protest against British Colonialism.

Strawberry Forever

Jacob Koestler, Michael McDermit (25min | USA | Digital)
Fifty years ago, Tim McDermit fell 40 feet from his college dorm roof. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder which left him unable to speak. Though 2 million others in the U.S. suffer from aphasia, few have even heard of it. Over the past five decades, Tim has struggled with relearning how to communicate all over again, navigating the social stigmas that come with broken speech, and finally letting go of the life that was snatched away from him.


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