DATE: Sunday May 15, 2022 Starts @11:45am

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



Nine meditations on the voyeurism of the inanimate, ranging from the colossal to the microscopic.


Todd Fraser (4min | Canada | 16mm)
In Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick there is a replica of Noah's Ark. This film has been sourced from vacation footage documenting the holy location. The film was rephotographed on a semi-functional optical printer with a mind of its own and processed in red wine and holy water with slight variations in temperature and recipe.

Building an Edge

Britany Gunderson (4min | USA | 35mm)
Seeking out the edges of a landscape you've never been to, we keep finding ourselves at the center of something.

from time without beginning

Lorenzo Gattorna (7min | USA, India | Super 8, 16mm, 35mm)
'Death in Kashi is "liberation"'. – "Death in Banaras", Jonathan P. Parry, 1994

Traffic III

Malte Bartels (3min | Germany | 8mm, 35mm Slides)
Traffic scenes combined with distorted images of a building. Made from about 150 Adox Scala slides and 8.5 m of Cine8 Regular 8 film hand-developed in "Chromaflex" process inspired by Richard Tuohy and Kathryn Ramey.

Wilderness Days

Jason Younkman (11min | USA | Digital)
Summer(s) in New York City reassembled as a scrolling (de)collage.


Miles Sprietsma (5min | USA | Super 8 )
The streets of Portland become a physical adventure through the collapse of cinematic time and space.

Constant Agitation

Christopher Gorski (7min | Germany | 16mm)
A film without a camera, a re-assemblage of images and memory

Tenjinsan Textiles

Michael Lyons, Haruka Mitani (4min | Japan | Super 8 )
This is a stop motion animation of antique kimono textiles from the Nishijin district in Kyoto. The soundtrack was created by Michael Lyons and Palle Dahlstedt using the Octopus analogue audio-visual interface. The synthesizer follows visual input from the film, so that the textile motifs may act as a visual score for the sounds. The film is the outcome of our desire to listen to the kimono patterns.

Signs Point to Yes

A. Moon (3min | US | 16mm)
Direct-on-film (cameraless) tea leaf divination made using the "phytography" process.


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