DATE: Saturday May 14, 2022 Starts @ 5:10pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



Seven loosely connected visions from or about LGBTQ+ perspectives.

a story that doesn't have to do with me

Kymberly McDaniel (7min | USA | Super 8, Digital)
As I seek to connect with my partner about their queer and feminist research in bioarchaeology, a conversation emerges about what is left behind after death.

My Parent, Neal

Hannah Saidiner (8min | USA | Animation)
An animated documentary reflecting on my parent coming out as transgender and how our relationship evolved, as told through domestic spaces, intimate objects, and our shared birthday.


Emily M Van Loan (3min | USA | 16mm)
Trans folks find comfort, joy, and a new level of intimacy in each other's arms.

First Months of Freedom

Kristin Li (9min | Canada, USA | Digital)
Cat, a transgender woman in Tennessee who has been institutionalized since she was four years old, got off parole in 2020. Cat shares stories from her childhood and her life inside men's prisons, including her relationship with her husband and former cellmate Doc who remains incarcerated.

Long Story Short

Hugo Ljungbäck (11min | Sweden | Digital)
High school can be rough when you fall in love.


Bailey Plumley (3min | USA | Digital)
A living inventory of the body.

Other Methods of Bearing Weight

Ellery Bryan, Aidan Spann (8min | USA | 16mm, Super 8)
In response to grief following the suicide of a loved one, “Other Methods of Bearing Weight” is a collaborative performance practice that mediates the problem of absence as it pertains to creating visual documents, and the ceremonial study of transcending partnership without the body of the other. It focuses on relationships as translucent sensory cooperations and shared imaginary spaces, and on the invincible relativity of intimacy between two, something symbiotic and yielding captured without seeing--experimenting at togetherness. link to film page:


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