DATE: Saturday May 14, 2022 Starts @ 3:20pm

VENUE: Midtown Cinema



Our take on the covid-film-block focuses mainly on the types of experiences missed by most of us over the last two years.

Moving, part two (Ownerous)

Sandy McLennan (4min | Canada | 8mm)
Moving out/moving in, emptying boxes one at a time

Light's Return

Kathleen Rugh (3min | USA | 16mm)
Before all magic was lost, the sun awoke to meet me on the surface of the river. The film captures an in-camera edit of this fleeting encounter.

Because the sky is blue

Wenhua Shi (4min, USA, China | 16mm)
A short piece tributes to my hometown Wuhan, China. All source footage is from Wenhua's childhood friends' social media 15-second video feed. Muybridge captured the galloping horse one hundred forty years ago in a brief 12 frames. The duration of today's social media video clips is similar to Muybridge's breavity. Wenhua tries to reimagine what subject Muybridge would capture today.


Sébastien Berlendis (14min | France | Super 8)
Vercors presents itself as a documentary built like a daydream in three times, around a woman and different spaces and landscapes, filmed in super 8, in the mountainous region of Vercors.

Florida, You're a Dream

Ivette Spradlin (1min | USA | 16mm)

I Was a Free Dog

Yuula Benivolski (11min | Canada, Mexico | Super 8)
Two sisters meet in a dream, and swim together for the first time since they were kids. Sound recordings from their childhood accompany this landscape: an orchestra of air raid sirens, barking dogs and tropical birds exist all at once, and indicate that we are within multiple realities.


Roger Horn (5min | Germany/Spain | Super 8)
Upon completion of his PhD and relocation to Germany all that filmmaker Roger Horn wanted was a relaxing family holiday in Spain, but he quickly became consumed with troubling emotions while swimming in the site of countless migrant deaths, the Mediterranean Sea. To make matters worse a trip into Barcelona with his wife revealed a city plastered in banners demanding Catalonian independence, cash machines covered in protest slogans, and African migrant vendors constantly under threat from local police.


Mark Street (30min | USA | Digital)
A pandemic diary filmed mostly in NYC. From the uncertain first months when every foray felt perilous to various re openings, outings are recorded and reflections shared. "Sorties" is a military term-- a mission launched from a defensive position. That's sort of what a walk felt like in March 2020 in NYC. Of course, the pandemic continues; but I had to limit myself in making the film; March 2020-August 2021.


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